Practice Set for Conjunction – Set 1 for Competitions

Here is your Practice Set 1 for checking your Practice of Conjunctions. In the previous post, we had given you the rules of Conjunctions with examples. You can read those rules from here as well. Now get ready to do some practice sets.

Conjunctions – Practice Set – 1

Correct the following Sentences

1. Both Rudra as well as Kinjal are lazy.

2. Scarcely I had reached home than the light went off.

3. I will neither take coffee not tea.

4. Either you will go or she will go.

5. No sooner he had come here when all stood up.

6. Although they did their best to complete this task but they couldn’t.

7. She is too foolish not to do this work.

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8. I went there so I might meet him.

9. He was ill but he did not go to school.

10. Ram is not only a doctor but a poet too.

11. He hasn’t written me a letter when he went to Delhi.

12. How intelligent you are, you can’t solve this riddle.

13. As soon as I’m concerned, I will not help him.

14. I as well as he am preparing for the exams.

15. They are so rude too kill animals without any reason.

Solution –

1. Rudra and Kinjal 2. had I —–when 3. Neither coffee nor tea 4. Either you or she will go 5. No sooner had he come here than all stood up. 6. Remove But and put comma there. 7. remove not 8. so that 9. So 10. use also in place of too. 11. use since instead of when 12. However 13. As far as 14. the given sentence is correct 15. They are so rude that they can kill animals without any reason.

Use of Conjunctions with its types

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Translation from Hindi to English regarding Conjunction/ Connectors/ Linkers

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