Silk Road by Nick Middleton – Very Short / Objective Type Questions

Prepare Silk Road written by Nick Middleton – Very Short / Objective Type Questions with answers for 11th students from the book named Hornbill – Based on NCERT books for CBSE HBSE and other boards

Silk Road by Nick Middleton

Q. Who is the writer of the travelogue named Silk Road ?

Answer – Nick Middleton

Q. Which city/ town were the narrator leaving one day ?

Answer – Ravu

Q. Where were the narrator and his friends heading towards ?

Answer – Mount Kailash

Q. Why were the narrator and his friends heading towards Mount Kailash ?

Answer – To complete kora

Q. What did Lhamo present to the narrator ?

Answer – Long-sleeved sheepskin coat

Q. How did he look in the long-sleeved sheepskin coat ?

Answer – He looked like drokba

Q. Who was his driver ?

Answer – Tsetan

Q. Who was the third person accompanying them ?

Answer – Daniel

Q. Which town did they get off while taking a short cut ?

Answer – Changtang

Q. What was the main hurdle / problem while moving towards Mount Kailash ?

Answer – Snow

Q. Which animals did they find on the way ?

Answer – Gazelles, ass, sheep and dogs

Q. Who stood guard  of Nomads’ dark tents ?

Answer – A huge black dog, a Tibetan mastiff

Q. Where were these dogs popular ?

Answer – In China‘s Imperial Courts as hunting dogs

Q. Which route was used in taking them as tribute from Tibet ?

Answer – Silk Road

Q. Which town did they reach which was situated on the shore of a lake ?

Answer – Hor

Q. Which lake is this ?

Answer – Manasarovar

Q. According to ancient Hindu and Buddhist cosmology, the lake is a source of the following rivers ……

Answer – The Indus, the Ganges, the Sutlej, the Brahamaputra

Q. Where had he had his lunch of noodles ?

Answer -Inside a long canvas tent part of a work-camp

Q. Where had Daniel returned to ?

Answer – Lhasa

Q. Where had the narrator taken tea and who served him tea ?

Answer – In Hor‘s only cafe and a Chinese youth in military uniform served him with tea.

Q. Where had he reached before kora ?

Answer – Darchen

Q. Whom did he meet in the Darchen‘s cafe ?

Answer – Norbu

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