Very Short Questions from The Address by Marga Minco

Prepare very short questions or objective type questions with answers from The Address written by Marga Minco – the name of the book is Snapshot – questions strictly based on NCERT pattern – Important Links

The Address

Q. Who has written the story The Address ?

Answer – Marga Minco

Q. What is the native place of the narrator ?

Answer – Holland

Q. What is the name of a lady ?

Answer – Mrs. Dorling

Q. What is the address ?

Answer – House No. 46, Marconi Street

Q. What is girl’s mother’s name ?

Answer – Mrs. S

Q. Where was the girl’s possessions ?

Answer – Mrs Dorling’s house

Q. Who had given the girl’s things to Mrs Dorling ?

Answer – Her mother

Q. When did the girl’s mother give these things to Mrs Dorling ?

Answer – During the 1st half of the war

Q. Was the girl at the right address ?

Answer – Yes

Q. Did Mrs. Dorling recognize her or let her enter her house ?

Answer – No

Q. Who was there at the house when the narrator visited the house again ?

Answer – A girl of 15 years

Q. How did the narrator recognize Mrs Dorling ?

Answer – From the green cardigan

Q. Where was the burn mark ?

Answer – On the table cloth

Q. What prepared the girl for the narrator ?

Answer – Tea

Q. What metal did the spoons make of ?

Answer – Silver

Q. What was easier for the narrator to forget ?

Answer – That address

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