Very Short Questions from We’re Not Afraid To Die ……….Together

Very Short Questions or Objective Type Questions with Answers from We’re Not Afraid to Die ……If We Can All Be Together for the students of 11th class – Based On NCERT – From the book Hornbill

Q. Who is the writer this story ?

Answer – Gordon Cook and Alan East

Q. Who is the narrator ?

Answer – A 37 years old businessman

Q. What is the name of the boat ?

Answer – Wave-walker

Q. Who had duplicated the journey 200 years back ?

Answer – Captain Cook

Q. What is the size of the boat ?

Answer – 23 meter, 30 ton

Q. Name the narrator’s children

Answer – Son – Jonathan ( Six years old )

Daughter – Suzanne ( Seven years old )

Q. What was the complete length of the journey ?

Answer – 105,000 kilometers

Q. Who were the crew-members ?

Answers – Larry Vigil ( American ) and Herb Seigler ( Switzerland )

Q. Who was the wife of the narrator ?

Answer – Mary

Q. Which island did they find in the Indian Ocean ?

Answer – Ile Amsterdam which was French Scientific Base

Q. Who steered the course of 185 degrees ?

Answer – Larry

Q. On January 2, what was the speed of the boat ?

Answer – Eight knots

Q. Where were they on 25th Dec ?

Answer – To the 3500 kilometers to the east of Capetown.

Q. Who had given a card to the narrator and his wife ?

Answer – Sue ( Suzanne )

Q. How many inhabitants live on the island ?

Answer – Twenty Eight

Q. When did they reach the island ?

Answer – On Jan 6.

Q. When were the waves gigantic ?

Answer – On 2nd January

Q. What was there in their meal ?

Answer – Corned beef and cracker biscuits

Q. Who had uttered these words,” we aren’t afraid of dying if we all be together.” ?

Answer – Jonathan

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