Short / Objective Type Questions from Should Wizard Hit Mommy ?

Prepare very short questions or objective type questions with answers from Should Wizard Hit Mommy ? – Written by John Updike from Vistas

Should Wizard Hit Mommy ?

Q. Who is the author of the story Should Wizard Hit Mommy ?

Answer – John Updike

Q. What is the name of the daughter ?

Answer – Jo

Q. What is the father’s name ?

Answer – Jack

Q. When did the custom of story telling begin ?

Answer – When Jo was two

Q. What was the common name of creature in the story ?

Answer – Roger

Q. What is the name of an animal in the present story ?

Answer – Roger Skunk

Q. What is Jo’s mother name ?

Answer – Clare

Q. Who is Jo’s brother ?

Answer – Bobby

Q. Who lived on the tiptop of the tree ?

Answer – An old owl

Q. Where would the wizard live ?

Answer – Over the crick

Q. What does he want to smell ?

Answer – Like roses

Q. How much does the wizard charge ?

Answer – Seven pennies

Q. How much shortage of money does Skunk have ?

Answer – Three pennies

Q. Where did he get rest of the pennies ?

Answer – From the magical well

Q. Who was against the rose smell ?

Answer – Skunk’s mother

Q. With which thing had she hit the wizard’s head ?

Answer – Umbrella

Q. Where is Roger’s father coming from ?

Answer – Boston

Q. Which mode of transport was he using ?

Answer – Train

Q. How is the train coming ?

Answer – Making the sound of whistle

Q. Does Jo like Skunk’s mother decision ?

Answer – No

Q. What is Jo’s mother doing in the meantime ?

Answer – Doing paint

Q. How does the ending words of Jo left Jack ?

Answer – Speechless

If you wish us to add questions of your choice, we shall certainly do that. We shall publish more such questions and answers in this post. The paper setter may change these objective type questions in MCQs. You must be ready for everything. Best wishes.

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