Common Errors in English – Students generally do

This page contains a huge no. of sentences carrying general errors students mostly do. They must focus here in order to avoid them in future. These errors can be corrected with a bit of attention. This effort will certainly improve your English a lot. Check them below –

Errors Students Generally do in the language ( English Language ) –

Don’ use any article before any proper noun ( name of a person/ place except some very rare cases )

Use of Nouns

For Example – He invited the Johnson to his home.

Proper noun always begins with Capital letter. It happens with the ‘Surnames’ as well.

For example – Charlie chaplin. This is wrong. The correct one is – Charlie Chaplin.

Take care of the use of ‘tense ‘. There shouldn’t be any confusion regarding their use. Use them according to the situation.

For example – In the report composition, you will have to use the past tense as it is related with the past time.

Don’t use any article with the material nouns ( except some cases ).

For example – I want to drink the water.

Note – the before the word ‘ water’ is wrong here.

Improve your English – Remove these Errors

All the paragraphs have only one para. If you create more than one paragraph, that composition is not a paragraph.

The words like has/ have/ had and all the passive voice structures take only Verb 3. Always remember that.

Example – I had taken my breakfast.

He is given books by the principal. ( Passive structure ).

In the same way, with do/does/ any of the modals/ Preposition ‘to’, we always use V1.

Check the example – I do not takes tea in the morning. ( do/does always carry V1, not s/es.

After the verb ‘go’, we don’t use the preposition ‘ to’, if it is followed by the adverb ‘there’.

Example – We will go to there. ( no need to use the preposition ‘to’ in the sentence )

We can use ‘to’ in the following sentence –

We will go to Delhi tomorrow.

The First Person pronoun ” I ” will always be used capital in all positions of a sentence.

Most of the students make the following mistake –

When I went there. She was sleeping.

This sentence is wrong. When you begin a sentence with ‘ When ‘ it must have other point as well. You can’t close the half sentence with Full Stop. For Example –

When I went there, she was sleeping.

Second point – When is never followed by the word ‘ then ‘. The other part is separated form it by punctuation ‘comma- , ‘ only.

Errors Indian Students Generally do

We will continue informing you about such more common errors. Also share your views regarding errors primary learners of English generally do with us. Thanks

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