Noun Gender - Masculine into Feminine - Important Words

Change the Gender of the following words ( Masculine into Feminine ). Read some important Words from ahead. This change of Gender of Nouns shall be very important for the students / Learners of English Language.

But before that, read what gender is.

Gender - A noun that denotes male or female sex is called Gender.

You can read some important rules related with Noun Gender from here.

Some Important Nouns and Change of Gender from Masculine Words to Feminine Words -

( Note - We are not changing the gender of some very simple words assuming our readers know about them. )

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For the convenience of our readers, we have explained the meaning of some nouns in English and Hindi.

Masculine (पुल्लिंग)Feminine ( स्त्रीलिंग )
Lad - लड़काLass - लड़की
Monk -साधुNun -साध्वी
Boar -सूअरSow - सुअरी
Wizard -जादूगरWitch - जादूगरनी
Stag - बारहसिंगाHind -
Gander -नर हंसGoose - मादा हंस
Earl -सामंतCountess -
Buck -नर खरगोशDoe -मादा खरगोश
Colt - Male offspring of a horseFilly -Female offspring
Manager -Manageress -
Emperor -सम्राटEmpress -साम्राज्ञी
Conductor -Conductress -
Enchanter -जादूगरEnchantress -जादूगरनी
Hunter -Huntress -
Marquis - Noble ManMarchioness -Noble Woman
Executor -A man who carries out a work/dutyExecutrix -A woman who carries a work/duty
Testator - वसीयत करने वालाTestatrix -वसीयत करने वाली
Signor -Mr ( Italian )Signora -Mrs
Jack-ass - गधाJenny-ass -गधी
Abbot -मठाधिकारीAbbess - मठाधिकारिणी
Hart - हिरनRoe -हिरनी
Friar -साधुNun -साध्वी
Viceroy -Vicereine -
Swain - Young Boy/ ShepherdNymph -Young Girl/ Shepherdess
Billy-goat -बकराNanny-goat -बकरी
Tom-cat - बिल्लाTabby-cat -बिल्ली
Proprietor -मालिकProprietress -मालकिन
Stallion -घोडाMare -घोड़ी
Tutor -Governess -
He-pony -नर टट्टूShe-pony -मादा टट्टू
Steer -Young OxSteeress -Young Cow
Bachelor -Unmarried boyMaid -Unmarried Girl

Read some Simple words ( Nouns) and their Gender -

Masculine (पुल्लिंग)Feminine ( स्त्रीलिंग )
Ram -भेड़Ewe -भेड़ा
Heir -Male SuccessorHeiress -Female Successor
Giant -Male MonsterGiantess -Female Monster
Priest-Priestess -
Jew -Jewess -
Master -Mistress -
Seamster -दर्जीSeamstress -दर्जिन
Drone -नर मधुमखीBee -मादा मधुमखी
Bullock -बछड़ाHeifer -बछड़ी
Votary -Male FollowerVotaress -Female Follower
Sultan -EmperorSultana -
Ambassador -Male EnvoyAmbassadress -Female Envoy

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