Exam Facing Tactics – Useful Tips for all students

Exams are inevitable. There are exams at school, college and university levels. They are the manifestation of students’ whole year’s hard work. They are meant to evaluate their over all performance as students. So, it is but natural that the students must be under acute strain during the exams.

The burden of giving good performance, to materialize the expectations of the teachers, friends and their own. As a result, these miserable creatures called students have to pass sleepless nights. There are some countries where the students don’t have to pass through this unavoidable mental strain.

However, in majority of the countries, the students have this nightmare of exams during the daytime. Only a few fortunate students may take exams lightly, however the majority of them don’t know this art.

Here in this post, we shall give you some of the tips that may help you keep from this mental strain during exams and take them calmly.

1. Be Punctual –

You will have to learn to be punctual while studying. It is seen that those who are regular in learning enjoy light moments during exams. However those working by fits and starts keep amassing burden on themselves and undergo much strain during the tough times.

So here we advise the students to prepare Time Table Chart during exam days as per their convenience and follow it with determination. The Time Table Chart must also have the provision for recreational activities. It is well-said, ” All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.

2. Avoid Over-saturation – Make Leaning Interesting

We have come across a no of students who believe in learning things like parrots. They keep revising and re-revising till their mind reaches the saturation point. When you know that you are quite easy with one topic, it is wrong to revise it over and again. It causes saturation and as a result that topic may skip your mind during exams. Make your studies interesting rather than turning it into boredom.

3. Have Fun and Enjoy Light and Nutritious Food –

We reiterate that work and fun must go side-by-side. In the midst of your work, spare time for games or a walk. This activity certainly relieves your mind and you can come back to your work with full focused mind. Moreover, light and nutritious food is must for you. Take fruits, juice and if possible dry-fruits also besides your staple food. The staple food must include rice, curry, eggs, salad, milk etc.

4. Take the help of Meditation –

Meditation has the greatest power to heal your mind and body. Spare 15 minutes after every 2 hours for undergoing meditation. Now how to do meditation ? It’s very simple.

Sit relaxed and concentrate on your mind and body. Let the burdened thoughts vanish for these moments. Don’t think about anything. Forget your studies, your work, your family, your friends, your world, everything. Feel lightened from within. No stress, no exam. It’s you and only you.

I assure you that this activity shall be very beneficial for you.

Dear students, I am quite sanguine that these steps shall help you a lot in warding off your mental strain during exams and make them the lighter activity for you.

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