12th Board ( HBSE ) - Additional Subject must to Pass

Get thorough Information / clear reply to the query - Is it must to pass Additional Subject on Board Exams/ University Exams ( HBSE / CBSE ) ? Are the marks of Additional Subjects counted in the results ?

These are very tricky questions frequently asked by the students of Board  ( Haryana) / University Classes.

What is the Additional Subject ?

There are some main subject in each class. However, students take an extra subject for having second option opened. This subject is an additional subject.

Is it must to pass the additional subject in the exams ( Board / University ) ?

The reply to the first question is - If a student is not able to clear the additional subject, he / she will be declared pass. For example, there are four compuls0ry subjects in 10+2. If a student takes the 5th subject. it will be called the additional subject.It means the main subjects shall be counted in the result.

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Are Additional Subjects' marks counted in making the final result ?

Only the percentage of top five subjects are considered in making the final result. But the irony is that if a student is take admission to any institute/ university, in providing their educational data, students have to give the average marks of all the subjects. It means percentage of first top five subjects and average of all the six subjects. Check the point below -

For example -

  • Total subjects in 12th class - 5
  • With Additional Subject - 5+1 =6
  • Scores are -
  • Subject A - 50
  • B - 60
  • C - 40
  • D - 50
  • E - 40
  • F - 30 ( Additional Subject )
  • Total Marks - 360
  • Percentage of Top Five Subjects - 60+40+40+50+50 = 240/360 * 100 = 66.66 %
  • Average Marks of total Subjects - 270 /6 = 45
  • Percentage Score is 66.66 whereas the Average marks are - 45.

So there is a big loss of students in expecting admission in the institution/ Board / university where Average Marks are the educational Criterion.

Conclusion -

  1. Answer - 1 If you have not been able to pass the additional subject, you are pass.
  2. Answer - 2 But you can face some difficulties, if you are seeking for the institute/ college where average marks are considered in the selection criteria.

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