CBSE or State Board – Which Better is Better after 10th

Better Board – CBSE or State Board – Our Opinion

There is  a lot of confusion among the parents and students as to which board they must select, especially after 10th class. There are various types of boards as an option before the students and their wards. These are – State boards such as HBSE/ UP Board/ HPBSE etc. Besides there are other non-state boards such as ICSE, CBSE etc.

To choose a board after 10th class depends upon which course you want to pursue. As per your aim, you will have to take a decision. For those students, who are studying just for studies’ sake, they can choose any board. It doesn’t make any difference difference to them.

For the entrance test of some subjects, the marks of 10+2 matters a lot. Therefore, it shall be nice to observe the marks-giving system of the boards before taking any decision. Different boards have different criteria of giving marks to the students. Some are very lenient and others are nor so.

CBSE and other Boards’ Syllabus –

A few years ago, there was a different between the syllabi of CBSE and that of other boards. It was superior of CBSE. But now, the syllabus of mostly of the boards resemble that of CBSE. However, the pattern of syllabi is different between them. Some  states opt their own pattern.

Importance of Marks in getting admission to some courses –

Students must know that marks are very important in getting admissions to some best courses in the country. We hear about the cut offs for admissions in some best institutes in the country. For example colleges ( Shri Ram College, St. Stephens College, Miranda College etc for example) under Delhi University. Cut throat competition – 95% in one college, 97% in another college !. That’s now a days all the boards are very lenient in giving marks. Students are getting 100% marks without loosing a single mark. Here all the boards are equal. For marks go to any board.

More demand – CBSE students or State Board students for admission to the best institutions of the country –

State board may have some or much demand in the state concerned, but outside the state, CBSE has more importance as in addition to be lenient in marks giving system, it focuses on the quality of the education. As everybody knows that in today’s world nobody can survive without real knowledge, so it is important for them to get both knowledge and marks.

In this marks oriented education system, knowledge and learning has almost no place. No doubt, some boards are doing some efforts to make a good balance between providing marks and knowledge. However, as per me, CBSE has a big edge here. Students get more here than they can from other boards.

Conclusion – See the teachings provided by the schools from any of the boards ( CBSE or State Board ), then decide to get admission. It is the teaching quality that makes a board better, not the name.

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