Sports Day Celebration in our school – Short Report

Sports Day Celebration Report for school students

The whole of India celebrates National Sports Day on 29th of August. This is the birth anniversary of Hockey wizard Sh Dhayan Chand. This year this celebration is more special as there is nice co-incidence that Asian Games are going on this time and the performance of the Indians in this competition has made this day more special.

This day is observed to encourage school and college students to participate in games. Everybody knows Sports/ Games bring health and positivity. That’s why there are events in every educational institution on this day.

A Report on Sports Day Celebration in our School

All the schools celebrate Sports Day in their premises in different ways. Ours was also not far behind. In the last period of the previous day, the students got the message of this celebration. It took place just after the morning assembly the next day in the school playground. Events had already been decided. Most of them are funny just like Potato carrying race, tug-of-war, races of 200 meters etc. Mostly all of the school children had participated in these events.

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Moreover, there were some games only for the teachers. It was fortunate that in this season of much humidity, students played under black clouds. Cool air made the sports zeal very pleasant and high. The event went on around for 2 hours. In the end, the principal addressed the students. He told the students about the benefits of the games.

He also informed them about India’s performance in the ongoing Asian Games, especially of Haryana. In addition to this The principal and PTIs encouraged the students to play at least one game. The school also offered some facilities for those students who will demonstrate good show in the future competitions.

Reported by –

Rudra and Kinjal Gupta

PM Modi‘s Quote about this day –

I salute all those who represented India in various sporting events. Their hard work and resolve has led to several milestones……

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