How to Prepare for IAS Exam? – Useful Tips

The preparation of IAS exam should be explanatory. IAS is a civil service exam conducted by UPSC (Union Public Service Commission) every year. The intention to conduct IAS exam is to recruit the candidates for various Civil Services of the Government of India, including the Indian Foreign Service, Indian Administrative Service, Indian Police Service, and more.

To crack Indian Administrative Service or IAS exam means you will get a gateway to work in some prestigious service in India and even international. Stepping out towards IAS preparation means a robust career is waiting ahead. To enter into this career is a dream of more than two lacs students but only a fewer get succeed.

Is this possible to be a part of this civil service conducted by UPSC every year? It is a question that has been revolving in brains of students who have a dream to be selected into the Indian Administrative Services to get exposure in very diverse roles like the collector, commissioner, cabinet secretary, head of public sector units, chief secretary, etc.

Well, the solution is straightforward. Nothing is impossible if you have a well-managed schedule. The fact is that not only the experience and challenges, however, having positive intentions can change the life of millions of people in India willing to become IAS or Indian Administrative Service officers. Therefore, with some suitable plan, you can feel your parents and friends proud by grabbing your position in IAS exam.

How to prepare IAS exam? Just follow the following schedule and success will start following you:

Step 1: Grab the IAS paper pattern

Get success at your first step means the following will be your side. Before indulging in the Indian Administrative Service preparation, it is recommended getting the help of paper pattern where you will able to know how to prepare or this civil service exam. For this, you can take the help of last 10 years paper pattern.

Never forget the truth “Starting preparation with accurate knowledge will be no wastage of time”. Hence, before preparation, make sure to collect the last year question papers. For this, you can click on the following links to get the last years question papers.

Step 2: Understand the concepts as per topic wise weight-age

It is true that many students have confusion regarding the IAS syllabus and chapter wise marking weightage. To get success in the IAS exam, it means everything should be on your tips. If you seem to have a lack of knowledge about the syllabus as well as chapter wise marking weightage, don’t freak out!

You can take the help of the following links where you will able to get the whole syllabus as well as weightage of marks that will let you know to prepare accordingly. The fact is that Indian Administrative Service paper will come as per the chapters mention in the syllabus. Some topics will get more weightage, hence, it is recommended to prepare these topics first.

Step 3: Download the best books to crack IAS exam

The best way to learn the Indian Administrative Service is to collect the best IAS exam preparation books. Moreover, grabbing a bundle of books doesn’t mean you would crack the exam very well. Make sure to take the help of the perfect books to prepare your IAS. For this, download the following links where you can able to get different books to prepare your IAS exam.

Remember the fact that “Without a solid base, the journey of a thousand miles will be of no value”.

Step 4: Clear all doubts and welcome the revision process

The best thing to get your IAS exam cleared is to become doubtless in the concepts you are. The best part is to avoid all distractions as soon as possible otherwise these will interrupt you at the exam time. Make sure to do the revision as many as possible. The fact is that the revision process will clear all your doubts. It will make you confident and of course, will help you to crack this civil service exam in the first attempt.

Step 5: Have a self-evaluation

Evaluating yourself is the key to success. To best way to evaluate you while preparing IAS by taking the help of IAS Mock test. If you are getting prepared by way of IAS training centres, then it is good as well but taking the help of mock test will give you a clear picture about your entire preparation. With it, you will able to analyze you. You will able to prepare more if you suppose you will need more practice.

Hence, to prepare and crack IAS is not a daunting task. Only follow of a perfect schedule will definitely give you an entry to civil services in India.

Good luck with your future!

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