HSSC PGT English Practice Set – 3

Haryana Staff Selection Commission ( HSSC ) is holding Recruitment Exams for various Teaching Posts ( TGTs/PGTs/PRTs). So far PGT Biology and PGT Sanskrit Recruitment Exams along with TGT English ( Mewat ) and TGT Physical Education Exam have been done.

Now the focus is on another exams for the subjects like English, Hindi, Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Business, Accounts etc. In this post we are providing you some very important Questions regarding with HSSC PGT English.

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Haryana PGT English Paper – Question Paper –

Q. 1 Who had invented Printing Press ?

Q. 2. How many translations did Caxton did ?

Q. 3. Who had written Troilus and Cressida ?

Q. 4. Who had uttered these words for Shakespeare- “Poets are born and not made” ?

Q. 5. When was Hamlet written ?

Q. 6. How many sonnets did Shakespeare write ?

Q. 7. What was the first Romantic Tragedy of Shakespeare ?

Q. 8. Who brought lyricism to English Poetry ?

Q. 9. Who has written the poem called ” The Rape of Lucrece “?

Q. 10. Seneca was a ————-dramatist.

Q. 11. When was Tottel’s Miscellany published ?

Q. 12. Who has written ” Women Beware Women “?

Q. 13. The Spanish Gypsy is written by —-

Q. 14. To whom is euphemism related to ?

Q. 15. Who is known as the father of English Blank Verse ?

Answers – 1. William Caxton 2.  Twenty Four 3. Shakespeare 4. Ben Johnson 5. 1601 6. 140 7. Romeo and Juliet 8. Wyatt 9. Shakespeare 10. Roman 11. 1557 12. Middleton 13. Rowley and Middleton 14. John Lyly 15. Marlowe

For more Question papers please keep coming. Best of luck for your Exams. For more related issues such as PGT Result and Answer keys also you are welcome here.

Updated: December 25, 2015 — 7:20 pm

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