Learn to fight from IAS Topper Ira Singhal - Some Tips

Yes, Ira Singhal has done it. She has topped IAS - India's biggest Civil Services Exam. A girl, Physically challenged, in the eyes of others has challenged the others and then defeated them only through her super human hard work,

10 Preparation Tips for IAS Exam ? - Buy Good Books

Planning to take Indian Administrative Services Exams and don't know how to start ?  Don't worry. Here we will give you some sure tips which will certainly help you in getting cosy with it. Truly IAS is considered one the

How to Prepare for IAS Exam? - Useful Tips

The preparation of IAS exam should be explanatory. IAS is a civil service exam conducted by UPSC (Union Public Service Commission) every year. The intention to conduct IAS exam is to recruit the candidates for various Civil Services of the