10 Best Optional Subjects for IAS Mains - How to Choose Subjects ? Tips

Most of the time the success in IAS exams depends upon the choice or selection of subjects. Sometimes, brilliant students with poor choice Optional Subjects in IAS Mains face humiliation. On the hand, not-so-good candidates do better with the right selection. Therefore selection of optional subjects matter a lot. Secondly the aspirants must choose them as early as possible. Any delay will certainly affect their preparation.

How to choose Subjects for IAS Mains ?

It is quite tricky to choose subjects out of many. There are many factors which may help you in selecting the best subjects.

Choose Subjects as per Your taste -

This should be the first and foremost factor deciding your selection. Just choosing some subjects on the basis of their doing good in the exams won't help much if you don't have interest in them. So choose the subjects in which you have some interest. Otherwise working hard with the subject with no taste is very difficult.

Choose Subjects with good Track Record -

There are subjects which are always doing good in IAS Exams. Some of them are Geography, Law, Medical Science, Sociology etc. The aspirants must read Interviews of the IAS Toppers to get their opinions about the subjects. That shall also be very beneficial.

Analyze Every Year's Result -

The complete analysis of the results year-wise is available online and in some Competitive Exams Magazines. Read that analysis. Check the Best Subjects with best pass percentage. Also check the nos of aspirants who have opted for such subjects. Then make an opinion about choosing your own subjects.

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Read the 10 List of Subjects as per no of candidates had taken them, no of successful candidates and pass percentage. It is based on 2014 Mains Result.

Top 10 Subjects for IAS Mains

Top 10 Optional Subjects as per the No of Candidates ( Approx)  opted for them
Public Ad2850
Political Science and International Relations900
Literature of Hindi Language400
Medical Science350

Read another Top 10 List as per No of Successful candidates -

Top 10 Optional Subjects as per the No of Successful Candidates ( Approx)
Public Ad150
Medical Science70
Political Science and International Relations57

Now Check Top 10 Subjects for IAS Mains as per the Pass Percentage -

Top 10 Optional Subjects as per the Pass Percentage ( Approx)
Medical Science20%
Law17 %
Anthropology11 %
Literature of Telugu Language10.7 %
Literature of Kannada Language10.5 %
Commerce and Accounting Law10.3 %

So read three tables and find some subjects best for you for IAS Mains. Best of Luck.

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