HBSE 11th English Important Questions – Grammar Practice

All the students are now busy in giving final touch to their exam preparations. Now they have entered the last month of their final exams. The exams usually begins at the end of Feb or in the beginning of March.

Here we are preparing a 11th English Question Paper with important questions and Grammar topics. We hope all Haryana Board students of this class will get some help from here.

Check your exam performance through HBSE 11th English Solved paper for 25th Feb 2017.

Paper of 11th will start from 17th of March ( Thursday )  2022. The curtailed syllabus of English may be found on official website of Haryana Board.

HBSE 11th English Practice Set with important Questions –

English Grammar

(a) Fill in the blanks with proper forms of verbs –

i. I ……………..(not see) him since he ……………( go ) to Jaipur.

ii. She ………….( play) when I …………..( reach ) there.

iii. Would that she …………..( know) you.

iv He walks as if he ………………( be ) a minister.

(b) Supply correct determiners in the blanks below –

i. I don’t have ……………money now. (Some/any)

ii. There is ………….milk in the jug which is not sufficient for making tea. ( little/ a little)

iii. I’ll wait for you outside ………….Taj. ( Article)

iv Old literature is liked by only ……………( few / a few )

(c) Change the voice of the following sentences –

i. Let us do this work.

ii. Who is making a noise in the room ?

iii. Please, give me your pen.

iv His purse was stolen in the bus.

(d) Fill in the blanks with appropriate modals

i. ……………his soul rest in peace !

ii. She …………spin on her wheel during afternoon when she was in the village.

iii. She ………..write with her left hand also.

iv Speak slowly lest the teacher ………….get angry.

(e) Connect the following sentences using clauses mentioned in the brackets against them –

i. He would go to Delhi. He told me this. ( Noun Clause)

ii. This is the place. He was born at this place. ( Adjective Clause)

iii. The Principal came in. Everybody got up that time. ( Adverbial Clause)

iv What is your name ? Tell him. ( Noun Clause )

Note – Solution of Grammar is given below –

Important Questions from Haryana Board 11th English Text Books –

Questions from English Reader ( Prose and Poetry )

Q. Draw a character sketch of Author’s Grandmother.

Q. We must demonstrate optimism even in the face of deep crisis. How does this point is brought out by the writers through the story ‘ We aren’t afraid of ……….’?

Q. Describe King Tut’s dynasty.

Q. What is the concept of Shanshui.

Q. What do you mean by Art Brut ?

Q. Describe writer’s experience at Hor.

Q. What idea do you form about Crocker Harris from Taplow’s attitude about him ?

Q. What is the central idea of the poem ‘ Photograph’.

Q. What modern problem is highlighted through the poem ‘ Father to Son’ ?

11th Class Supplementary Reader Expected Questions –

Q. Draw the character-sketch of uncle Khosrove.

Q. What message does the story ‘ The Address ‘ carry ?

Q. Draw the character-sketch of the narrator of the story ‘ Ranga’s Marriage’.

Q. The present Education System curbs the natural talent of the students. How has the biography Albert Einstein at School highlighted this issue ?

Q. What impression do you form of Mrs Pearson from the play ‘ Mother’s Day‘?

Q. What idea do you have about Agha Shahid from his biography ” Ghat of the Only World “?

Solution of English Grammar –

a. i. have not seen, went

ii. was playing, reached

iii. knew

iv were

b. i. any ii little iii the iv few ( only few is followed by ‘ only’, we can’t use a few )

c. i. Let this work be done by us.

ii. By whom is the noise being made in the room ?

iii. You are requested to give me your pen.

iv Somebody stole my purse in the bus.

d. i. May ii would iii can iv should

e. i. He told me that he would go to Delhi.

ii. This is the place where he was born.

iii. Everybody got up when the Principal came in.

iv Tell him what your name is.

11th Grammar Practice Set for final exam 2022

HBSE 11th English Core Grammar 19th March 2022 Questions with Answers

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