Class 11th English Grammar of March 2022 ( HBSE ) Solution

Tally your answers of 11th Grammar ( English Core ) taken by Haryana Board on 19th March 2022 – This paper is for Fresh/ School Candidates – Time is given 2:30 hours – The paper has maximum marks of 80 – Imp links for 11th class students

There are ten questions of English grammar. At the end of each and every question, we have provided the answer. The candidates must write down their Roll No. on the Question Paper. Every question has one mark.

Q. Do as directed : –

a. Fill in the blanks with the help of correct form of verbs :-

I. We ————World Environment Day yesterday.

Answer – Celebrated

II. If you ————— hard during Covid – 19 you would have gotten a great honor.

Answer – Had worked

III. Our teacher completes the syllabus every year in November but this year he————–it in March because of a strange disease.

Answer – Will complete

b. Fill with the help of correct determiners :-

IV. There are —————- students who could not prepare well this year.

Answer :- Several

V. I bought a new pen and ————— new exam board today.

Answer – A

VI. I have never visited ————— Taj Mahal ( Monument ) situated at Agra ( City ).

Answer – The

c. Fill in the blanks with the help of correct conjunctions  :-

VII. This is the house ————— I bought ten years ago.

Answer – Which/ that

VIII. I know the person ————— has just gone from here.

Answer – Who

d. Use correct prepositions in the given sentences :-

IX. The police came ————— the room for investigation.

Answer – into
X. All the students started talking as there was no teacher ————— the room.

Answer – inside

Though we have done our best efforts in giving the answers, you can tell us any wrong answer given by us using comment box below if any. Share the correct answer with us via same channel.
Our team wishes good luck of all the students of 11th class under Haryana Board.

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