Haryana Education Norms - Section 134 - A

There is much discussion and debate on this section of Haryana Education Ruling. Every day there is one news or the other related with Rule 134 -A. It is expected that there are one or two questions related with this Rule in the HSSC Recruitment exams especially those for the teachers. We are providing you some of the facts related with this Section called Haryana Education Code - Section 134-A.

Haryana Education Article 134-A -

The Punjab and Haryana High Court validated School Education Rule 134-A after the trial of 5 years and 17 orders. Private schools had filed a review petition which the Hon High Court had quashed on April 1st, 2015. All the Private Schools of the state had pleaded saying that it was not possible for them to give admission to the children of poverty class at Govt Fees. Here they pointed that the exorbitant expenditures involved in paying salaries and good infrastructure.

The decision was delivered by the bench comprising Justice Satish Kumar Mittal and Justice H.S. Sidhu. They said in the joint statement that all the Private schools couldn't be exempted from this ruling for exempting a few genuine schools which can't do so such as the petitioner one. As per the High Court Ruling, the govt shall pay 25% for the initial classes and 10% from 2nd to 8th classes. The court emphasized that the poor children must get free-of-cost quality education. They can't be deprived of the quality education just because they are poor.

Key Points regarding Article 134- A -

  1. Only those families whose annual income is less than Rs 2 lakh can take this benefit for the admission of their children.
  2. The Fee in the private schools shall be equal to that of in the Govt Schools.
  3. Earlier the former Hooda Govt had released the Notification in June 2013 regarding the deduction of the quota from the existing 25% to 10%. But it couldn't be passed in the Legislative Assembly.
  4. Private School Association was in favor of RTE. According to RTE, there is the provision of giving 25% seats to the students of poor class and the economic loss caused in the admission is compensated by the Govt.
  5. It is worth-noting that around 27 lac students are receiving education from the 4,800 private schools.

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    Could you please further clarify that if a student who has got admission under 134-A, needs to re -apply next year again or he/she will continue as a student in the next class.

  2. This is good judgement by honorable High Court.but it shld be applicable for senor schools students n best for Parents n Guardians.Tnx.Honarable High Court

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