HBSE Class 9th English Grammar Solved Paper March 2022

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Grammar section –

a. Use the right form of Verbs

I. I _______ ( never see ) him before.

Answer – have never seen

II. Water _______ ( boil ) at 100° C.

Answer – boils

III. I ________ ( complete ) this essay by tomorrow.

Answer – shall complete

b. Use correct articles in the blanks –

I. _______ dancing is my passion.

Answer – No article

II. What ______ beautiful dress !

Answer – A

III. Milk costs Rs. 50 _____ litre.

Answer – A

c. Use of Indirect Speech

I. The teacher said, ” Honesty is the best policy “.

Answer – The teacher said that honesty is the best policy.

II. The mother said to me, ” You have to work hard “.

Answer – The mother told me that I had to work hard.

III. The Principal said to the peon, ” Ring the bell “.

Answer – The Principal ordered the peon to ring the bell.

d. Use the correct modals in the following blanks –

I. We ______ follow the traffic rule.

Answer – Must

II. I  _______ rather starve than beg.

Answer – Would

III. You _______ run fast as the train is late.

Answer – needn’t

e. Use the right conjunctions

I. walk fast ______ you will miss the bus.

Answer – Otherwise

II. Work hard ______ you should fail.

Answer – Lest

III. Ram is rich ______ miser.

Answer – But

f.Use the correct punctuation in the following sentences –

I. she said to me ” Are You going to mumbai tomorrow

Answer – She said to me, ” Are you going to Mumbai tomorrow. ”

II. mohan had a banana two apples three oranges and four papayas

Answer – Mohan had a banana, two apples, three oranges and four papayas.

III. mr rk sharma is a ma bed

Answer – Mr. R.K. Sharma is a M.A., B.Ed.

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