Word that Often Confuse Students - Homonyms Part 4

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Loose - Slack, Unfastened

He prefers to wear loose shirts.

Lose - to miss, to be unable to find

Losing this chance means losing for ever.

Maize - a rough grain

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Ram bought a sack of maize for his friends.

Maze - labyrinth

Ravi screened his house by woods and mazes.

Miner - one who digs mines

Tom's mother is a house wife.

Minor - Underage, small

They must take care of their minor children.

Pack - verb - to encase

Sita packed her things in a suitcase.

Peck - nibble, poke

Birds peck holes in their eggs.

Prefer - like , better

Krishan prefers ghee to cold drink.

Proffer - offer, extend

Has she any important suggestion to this proffer ?

Prescribe - recommend a particular course

The doctor has prescribed this medicine.

Proscribe - banned

Wrong material must be proscribed from this book.

Principal - Main

Principal Education Head inspected our school on Monday.

Principle - Theory, Rule

Who gave the principle of gravity ?

Stationary - Fixed

Caesar thought he was stationary like the Pole Star.

Stationery - Writing Material

She purchased some stationery from this shop.

Tamper - Interfere, Meddle

Don't unnecessary tamper with this matter.

Temper - Anger, Mood

He is always in temper.

Tail - End part of the body

Animals and Birds have tails.

Tale - Story

She narrated a very interesting tale.

Team - A party of players

Indian cricket team is playing well in the tournament.

Teem - Abound, to be full of

This pond is teemed with fish.

Vary - Differ

This picture varies from that one.

Very - Extremely

He is very tall.

Veracity - Reality, Truth

Can she prove the veracity of what she has written ?

Voracity - Gluttony, Greed

He shows voracity as far as money is concerned.

Waive - Surrender, to forgo

The Govt. has waived farmers' loan.

Wave - Surge or currents in sea

Beware of waves during storms.

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