Learn Sentences concerned with Animals

Here we are targeting those sentences which are linked with activities regarding animals. Theses sentences will be very beneficial for the beginners and small children. These are very common sentences for the junior students. Even these sentences will help the teachers and mothers to teach such useful sentences to their students/ wards. The sentences are in very simple language. We are providing them in question/ answer form –

Very useful sentences regarding animals – ( Q/A Form )

Q. Name the animal which has a trunk ?

Answer – Elephant

Q. What kind of animals mule are ?

Answer – They carry load.

Q. From which animal do we get wool ?

Answer – Sheep

Q. Name the animals that have horns ?

Answer – Cow

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Q. The animal which is a mixed breed of horse and donkey ?

Answer – Mule

Q. Where do the bees live ?

Answer – In a hive

Q. Which animal has the longest neck ?

Ans – Giraffe

Q. Name the milch animals ?

Ans – Cow, Buffalo and Goat

Q. Name the animal that has hump on it back ?

Ans – Camel

Q. Which small animal has lines and bushy tail ?

Ans – Squirrel

Q. Write the name of the insect which weave web ?

Ans – Spider

Q. With which animal a person resembles ?

Answer – Monkey/ Chimpanzee

Q. Which bird cries ( makes hoot ) during night ?

Ans – Owl

Q. What are the pet animals ?

Ans – Generally dogs, rabbits and cats. But now people keep snake, rats etc.


Q. What is the national animal of the country ?

Ans – Royal Bengal Tiger

Q. Name the animal that has quills on its back ?

Ans – Porcupine

Q. Which insects can creep ?

Ans – Lizards , snakes

Q. Sounds of some animals and birds ?

Ans – Camels – Grunts, Elephants – Trumpet, Snakes – Hiss, Monkeys – Chatter, Horses – Neigh, Asses – Bray, Bees – Hum, Owls – Hoot, Lions – Roar, Frogs – Croak, Pigs – Grunt, Ducks – Quack, Crows – Caw, Cats – Mew, Hens – Cackle, Mice – Squeak, Dogs – Bark, Cattle (Cow, Oxen )- Parrots – Talk etc.

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