Objective Type Questions from The Thief's Story

Learn very short type questions or objective type questions from The Thief's Story by Ruskin Bond - Based on NCERT pattern - Useful links for 10th class students - Name of the book First Flight

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Q. Who has written the story The Thief's Story ?

Answer - Ruskin Bond

Q. What is the name of a thief boy ?

Answer - Hari Singh

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Q. What was Hari Singh's age ?

Answer - Fifteen

Q. Where does the boy work ?

Answer - At Anil's house

Q. What does he work for in Anil's house ?

Answer - For food

Q. Who is the narrator of the story ?

Answer - Hari Singh

Q. What is the address of Anil ?

Answer - On a shop called Jumna Sweet Shop

Q. What is the occupation of Anil ?

Answer - He is a writer

Q. Name the train Hari Singh wanted to catch ?

Answer - The Lucknow Express

Q. How much money does Anil give to Hari Singh ?

Answer - Fifty rupees

Q. How was the note ?

Answer - Wet

Q. What is the meaning of betray ?

Answer - Deceive

Q. What is the meaning of grunt ?

Answer - Roar

Q. What is the meaning of fits and starts ?

Answer - Seldom

Q. What is the meaning of crawl ?

Answer - Move slowly

Q. What is the meaning of startle ?

Answer - Surprise

Q. What is the meaning of damp ?

Answer - Wet

Q. What is the meaning of chilly ?

Answer - Cold

Q. What is the meaning of spirits ?

Answer - Courage

Q. What is the meaning of nervous ?

Answer - Uneasy

Q. What is the meaning of drizzle ?

Answer - Mild rain

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