Objective Type Questions from A Question of Trust

Learn very short questions or objective type questions with answers from A Question of Trust by Victor Canning – Based on NCERT pattern – Helpful links for 10th class students – The book is Footprints Without Feet

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Q. Who is the writer of the story A Question of Trust ?

Answer – Victor Canning

Q. How many burglars are there in the story ?

Answer – Two

Q. What is the name of the 1st burglar ?

Answer – Mr. Horace Danby

Q. What was Horace’s age ?

Answer – Fifty

Q. What did Horace love ?

Answer – Rare and expensive books

Q. What job does Horace get in the jail ?

Answer – Of a librarian

Q. What was the name of the dog ?

Answer – Sherry

Q. Who is the real burglar ?

Answer – The lady in red

Q. What fever does Horace suffer from ?

Answer – Hay – fever

Q. What was Horace’s business ?

Answer – Making locks

Q. Where does Horace want to commit thievery ?

Answer – Shotover Grange

Q. What was the young lady’s threatening ?

Answer – To inform the police

Q. How many time/ times does Horace commit thievery in one year ?

Answer – Once

Q. Where was the safe in the room ?

Answer – Behind the painting

Q. What is the meaning of expensive ?

Answer – Costly

Q. What is the meaning of hay-fever ?

Answer – A summer fever

Q. What is the meaning of ornaments ?

Answer – Jewellery

Q. What is the meaning of mend ?

Answer – Repair

Q. What is the meaning of trick ?

Answer – Deceive

Q. What is the meaning of nonsense ?

Answer – Meaningless

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