Objective Type Questions from Footprints Without Feet

Prepare OTQ ( objective type questions ) with complete solution from Footprints Without Feet penned by H.G. Wells - NCERT Pattern - Find very useful links on the page for 10th students

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Q. Who is the author of the story Footprints Without Feet ?

Answer - H.G. Wells

Q. What was the name of the scientist ?

Answer - Griffin

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Q. What can a drug cause ?

Answer - It makes a person invisible

Q. Whose house Griffin set on fire ?

Answer - His landlord

Q. Who was the invisible man ?

Answer - Griffin

Q. What was the name of village constable ?

Answer - Mr. Jaffars

Q. Where was the theatrical company located ?

Answer - At Drury Lane

Q. Who noticed footprints without feet in the beginning ?

Answer - Two boys

Q. Where had the two boys see them ?

Answer - In the centre of London on the steps of a house

Q. Where did Griffin take a shelter to escape the cold ?

Answer - Big London store

Q. Who was the owner of the inn ?

Answer -  Mrs Hall

Q. What was the name of the village ?

Answer - Iping village

Q. What did Griffin steal ?

Answer - Clothes and money

Q. What is the meaning of imprints ?

Answer - Impressions

Q. What is the meaning of invisible ?

Answer - That which can't be seen

Q. What is the meaning of drug ?

Answer - Medicine

Q. What is the meaning of side-whiskers ?

Answer - Beard

Q. What is the meaning of eccentric ?

Answer - Strange or unusual

Q. What is the meaning of unconscious ?

Answer - Faint

Q. What is the meaning of burglary ?

Answer - Theft

Q. What is the meaning of knock ?

Answer - Hit

Q. What is the meaning of nervous ?

Answer - Confused

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You can get very short questions / objective type questions here. The story Footprints Without Feet written by H. G. Wells is very interesting. For X class students, these questions may be very good. The paper-setter may use them as MCQs ( multiple choice questions ). We wish good luck to 10th class students.

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