English Grammar Practice Set for HBSE 10th, 12th Exams

As exams are very close, we are making utmost effort for the students by providing them more and more exam related material. In this blog we shall provide them Grammar related Exercise. It shall help them calculating their Grammar Preparation. So without any delay, check your exam preparation.

Links for Practice Papers –

12th Class English Model Test Paper

10th Class English Sample Paper

Haryana Board 10th/12th Grammar Practice Set –

Q. 1 Change the narration of the following sentences –

(a) Rudra said to Kinjal,” How old are you ?”

(b) She said,” OK, I shall do it.”

(c) The teacher said,” How stupid you are !”

Q. 2. Change the voice of the following sentences –

(a) They asked me to go.

(b) Country must be protected.

(c) Who can solve this sum ?

Q. 3. Fill in the blanks with suitable modals –

(a) Students ……………obey their teachers.

(b) Anybody ……………dance.

(c) We ………..play hockey when we were in the college.

Q. 4. Fill in the blanks with articles –

(a) Give me ………….few books you have.

(b) He is …………one-eyed person.

(c) ………….milk in the jug is sour.

Q. 5. Connect the following sentences using clauses –

(a) He is stupid. He is innocent.

(b) This is a book. I like it most.

(c) Why did he tell a lie ? I don’t know this.

Q. 6. Fill the appropriate form of verb –

(a) If she ………….( write ) this question, she would get extra marks.

(b) If you ………….( help ) me, I would have been obliged.

(c) If they …………( come ), we shall not welcome them.

English Paper Solution –

1. (a) Rudra asked Kinjal how old she was.

(b) She said that she would do that.

(c) The teacher exclaimed with wonder that you were very stupid.

2. (a) I was asked to go.

(b) One must protect one’s country.

(c) By whom can this sum be solved ?

3. (a) Should (b) Can (c) Would

4. (a) the (b) a (c) the

5 (a) Although he is stupid, he is innocent.

(b) This is the book I like most.

(c) I don’t know why he told a lie.

6.(a) wrote (b) had helped (c) come

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