HBSE 10th English Model Test Paper/ Sample Paper for March Exam

Haryana Board of School Education ( HBSE) has released the Date-sheet of 10th class. The Exam shall take place on 7th of March 2017. The first paper shall be of English. With the date-sheet at official website, the students must get absorbed in Exam Preparation.

Check 10th Class date sheet from here.

7th March 2017 Solved English Paper

Special features of Haryana Board 10th Exam 2017

  • This time the paper shall be from the whole syllabus.
  • This time exam shall be of 3:00 hrs instead of 2:30 hrs.

Now this is the time for syllabus revision and self-evaluation. For this Model Test Paper or Sample Paper shall help you a lot. Here we are providing you a Model Test paper consisting very important material for exam.

The paper shall be in two parts. We are publishing Paper 1 here. This part 1 shall carry Grammar and Compositions. In Part 2, there shall be questions from literature i.e. from text books. The solution of grammar portion is available at the end of the paper.

HBSE 10th Modal Test Paper – Part 1

Section B ( Writing Skills )

Q. 2 (a) You are Rudra/ Kinjal, living at Gali No 04, Om Shanti Colony, Rohtak. You had purchased a color Television from Aggarwal Electronics, Rohtak barely 6 months ago. The TV has started creating problems regarding sound and picture. Write a letter to the dealer asking for immediate action ( repair/ replacement). Also mention the warranty period.


You school celebrated Independence Day in the school premises. Write a report as the reporter of school magazine describing how you celebrated it. ( 100 Words) – 06 Marks

Q . 2. (b) Write a paragraph on ” A Visit to a Hill Station


Draft a display advertisement for a new Scooter launched by your company. – 06 Marks

Section – C ( Grammar )

Q. 3 Attempt any twelve sentences in all :-

(a) Fill in the blanks with the correct form of verb provided in the brackets –

(i) She …………..( be) ill for several days.

(ii) He ………..( reach ) here after the light ………..( go off ) .

(iii) India ………….( become) Republic in 1950.

( b) Fill in the blanks with suitable articles wherever necessary –

(i) She is ……………European girl.

(ii) …………milk in the jug is not fit for drinking.

(iii) She gave me …………..little money she had.

(c) Combine the following pairs of sentences using a subordinate clauses

(i) She was my friend. She told me.

(ii) What was his name ? I asked him.

(iii) Where is he going ? I don’t know this.

(d) Change the narration of the following sentences –

(i) I say,” He can win.”

(ii) She said to me,” How foolish you are !”

(iii) My friend said to me,” Help me, please.”

(e) Fill in the blanks with suitable modals

(i) Listen to me lest you …………..miss the point.

(ii) We went there so that we ………..help the poor.

(iii) ………….she recuperate soon !

(f) Supply the blanks with proper form of non-finite verb

(i) I don’t mind his …………..( come ).

(ii) Need I ………….( remind) you of it ?

(iii) He came here ………….( meet ) us.

(g) Use the below-given idioms in meaning sentences –

(i) to bell the cat

(ii) a wet blanket

(iii) a bone of contention

Solution of 10th Model Test Paper Grammar Portion –

a. (i) has been (ii) reached, had gone off (iii) became

b. (i) a (ii) the (iii) the

c. (i) She told me that she was my friend.

(ii)I asked him what his name was.

(iii) I don’t know where he is going.

d. (i) I say that he can win.

(ii) She exclaimed with wonder that I was very foolish.

(iii) My friend requested me to help him.

e. (i) should (ii) might (iii) may

f. (i) coming (ii) remind (iii) to meet

g. (i) Everybody wants to teach him a lesson, but the moot question is who will bell the cat.

(ii) Students were preparing for Merit, but the teacher said they could get only pass marks and proved to be a wet blanket for them.

(iii) Property is the bone of contention among the brothers.

10th English Part II Text Books Portion ( Prose/ Poetry Questions)

Do more Grammar from here.

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