HBSE 10th English Paper Solution 7th March 2017 for Set A B C D

Haryana Board has successfully conducted 10th English Paper on 7th March 2017. It was for the fresh candidates in the morning session. Though there were different sets, the questions and grammar were same. The maximum marks were 80 which the students had to complete in 3 hrs. Total no of questions were 12.

The Paper had four Sections namely A, B, C and D. All the questions were compulsory. Now for the help of the examinees we are solving the Comprehension and Grammar Portions. We hope that it shall the students to have some idea of their exam performance.

Section A – Unseen Comprehension

Q. 1 Passage – For a student, walking …………..health for days to come.

Answers –

i. Walking is preferable.

ii. The advantage of walking is that it is simple.

iii. The objects of sights and sounds cheer the mind and raise the spirit.

iv. Walking with the friend results in pleasant conversation which leads to relaxed mind.

v. Regular walk with will give us good health.

vi. His advice is that people should take a walk when they are free.


Language is ……….. a stranger comes near.

Answers –

i. Language

ii. Rabbit runs away into its hole. Its tail bobs up and down as it runs.

iii. Cobra raises its hood and makes itself look fierce.

iv. Bee goes back to the hive and does a kind of dance in the air to inform about the presence of food.

v. A dog communicates by barking.

vi. He doesn’t possess good character.

HBSE 10th Solved English paper 07/03/2017

Section – C Grammar

4. a. Correct form of verb –

i. I go out for a walk daily.

ii. I have been working in the bank since 1976.

iii. I will have finished my work by 12 pm

b. Narration –

i. She said,” I gave him a pen.” – She said that she had given him a pen.

ii. He will say to me,” It is your book.” – He will tell me that it is my book.

iii. He said to me,” Can you meet me at the bus stand?” – He asked me if I could meet him at the bus stand.

c. Articles –

i. The box was made of wood.

ii. We stayed at a hotel in the centre of the town.

iii. An honorary secretary is one……..

d. Modals –

i. Would that I were a king !

ii. Work hard lest you should fail.

iii. I will come if ……

e. Gerund or Infinitive

i. He made me repeat the lesson.

ii. It is no use crying over the split milk.

iii. The robbers forced the travelers to part with their money.

f. Punctuation

i. What a beautiful girl !

ii. The teachers’ rooms are separate.

iii. Yes, I will help Sohan.

HBSE 10th SET D Solution

Q. 1 Passage – Sarojini Naidu ………….about India.

Answers –

i. Sarojini Naidu received her education under her father’s influence.

ii. He wanted her to become a great mathematician or scientist.

iii. She wrote the poem at the age of 13.

iv. Edmund Gosse found English sights in her poems but little element from the east.

v. She ultimately decided to write about India.

Q. 4 Grammar

a. Correct form of verbs –

i. I like to take tea daily.

ii. I am writing a book at a present moment.

iii. I have not finished my work yet.

b. Articles –

i. A pine tree grows very tall.

ii. …✖…man is mortal.

iii. The lunch given by him was fine.

c. Indirect Speech –

i. I said to Naman,” Look at the map.”

Ans – I told Naman to look at the map.

ii. He said to me,” Welcome”.

He welcomed me.

iii. I said,” May our teacher live long!”

I wished that our teacher might live long.

Haryana Board 10th Result shall be available here.

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