Haryana Board 12th English Solved Paper 7th March 2017 – SET A B C

HBSE has held the Sr Secondary English Exam on 07/03/2017. Around 5 lac candidates had appeared in the exam held in the evening session from 2:30 pm to 5:30 pm. Total No of Questions were 13. It was only for Fresh Candidates.

We are solving SET C. Rest of the SETS we shall solve later.

HBSE 12th English Paper with Complete Solution 2017

Note – We shall solve only Unseen Comprehension and English Grammar.

Q. 1 Unseen Passage

All Round Development …….vocational training.

Answers –

i. All Round Development

ii. Both a and b

iii. Dignity of labour

iv. Vocational Education


Reading books is one of ……….good books.

i. Reading books

ii. All of the above

iii. Beauties of nature

iv. All of the above

Solution of English Paper of 12th HBSE Exam 2017

Section B – English Grammar

3. a. Change the form of narration :

i. He said,” I have won a lottery today.” – He said that he had won a lottery that day.

ii. The teacher said,” Don’t make a noise boys.” – The teacher asked the boys not to make a noise.

iii. The old man said to the boy,” May God bless you!” – The old man prayed that God might bless the boy.

b. Articles

i. I bought an inkpot.

ii. He is the best boy of the class.

iii. I went to No Article university for studies.

e. Modals

i. May God bless you !

ii. Would you have a cup of tea ?

iii. A servant must obey his master.

d. Voice

i. When did you buy it ?

When was it bought by you ?

ii. Do not insult your elders.

You are advised not to insult your elders. or Let your elders not be insulted.

iii. The thief has been caught.

The police have caught the thief.

iii. Correct Form of verb –

i. Look ! they are going down.

ii. Alfred Nobel was born on 21st Oct 1833.

iii. A liar is a person who habitually tells lies.

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