Active & Passive Voice – Practice Paper 2 with Solution

Welcome to practice Active and Passive Voice . Before doing the Practice Set 2, read the rules of Voice from here. After reading the  rules you can solve Practice Set 2 below.

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Change the voice of the following sentences –

a. Trees give us fruit to eat.

b. People say that Mr Rudra Gupta is a very good doctor.

c. His remark offended me.

d. Your work has satisfied me a lot.

e. I have got to do it carefully.

f. A snake bit John and the doctor gave him a serum.

g. The children were laughing at the old beggar.

Practice Paper for Active and Passive Voice

h. One must do one’s duty.

i. Women like men to flatter them.

j. This news has surprised him.

k. It is time to watch a movie.

l. The patients are being treated there.

m. What has caused you much pain ?

n. We don’t like people laughing at us.

o. Don’t touch my things

p. Somebody has stolen my purse.

q. I heard her open the door.

r. Who betrayed you ?

s. People sell fresh vegetables here.

t. Which book are you reading this time ?

u. When did he write this play ?

v. He was looking at me.

w. He asked me where I was going.

x. The school is being white-washed.

y. The villagers were opposing the police.

z. Shun violence of all kind.

Answers of Active & Passive Voice Practice Set

a. Trees give us fruit to be eaten b. Mr Rudra Gupta is said to be a good doctor c. I was offended at his remark d. I have been satisfied a lot with your work e. It has got to be done carefully by me f. John was bitten by a snake and given a serum by the doctor g. The old beggar was being laughed at by the children h. Duty must be done i. Women like to be flattered by men j. He has been surprised at this news

k. It is time for a movie to be watched l. The doctors are treating the patients there m. By what has much pain caused to you ? n. We don’t like being laughed at o. You are forbidden to touch my things p. My purse has been stolen q. She was heard to open the door r. By whom were you betrayed ?

s. Fresh vegetables are sold here t. Which book is being read this time by you ? u. When was this play read by him v. I was being looked at by him. w. I was asked where I was going. x. The painters are white-washing the school. y. The police were being opposed by the villagers. z. Let violence of all kind be shunned.

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