English Comprehension for Competitive Exams – 5 Tips

If you are preparing for the Competitive Exams such as SSC, Banking, Railways and so on, you will have to confront English language. English language comprises many topics such as Grammar, Vocab and Comprehension. For those who belong to Rajasthan, Panjab, Haryana, UP belt face a tough challenge while doing English.

And in English also the most troubling thing is to do comprehension as it is both difficult to understand and time consuming. Now the question is how to do this portion as it constitutes a bigger part in the marks scheme of English Paper. It will not do good if the students skip this topic. Here we are telling you some tips of doing it without wasting any time in the exam.

5 Tips for doing Comprehension in the Competitive Exam –

First of all you must know the meaning of the word comprehension. It means understanding. Therefore through this topic the paper-setter checks your understanding of the English Language. So you must have the understanding of English, only then you will be able to do comprehension.

1.Read newspaper daily –

We advise you to read English Newspaper daily. Read the Editorial page, Sports Page, Business Page as much as possible. Try to understand what they say. Learn new vocab. This practice must go for months if you want to grasp the meaning of the content. Gradually your understanding of this foreign language start increasing.

2. Don’t run after the meaning of each and every word –

No need to understand the meaning of each and every word. Always remember that you are doing comprehension, not translation. So you need just to have the rough understanding of the passage. You must roughly know what the writer wants to say so that you may answer of the given questions.

Get the rough idea of the passage if you can’t figure out completely what it says. This will enable you as to how to pick out the right answer out of the alternatives given below. That’s it.

3. Practice- Practice and Practice

Give enough practice to Comprehension portion. Remember practice makes a man perfect. Try to figure out what the question says. If don’t understand the question properly, you can’t answer. That’s why read the questions over and again to know what is being asked.

4. Don’t use hit and trial method and make some changes while answering-

Don’t make guesses while answering. Some students try to find same words in the passage as are in the questions and write them ditto. Make some changes in your answers without resorting to guesses. Make sure that what you are writing is related with the question.

5. Same tense as in the questions –

The tense of the answers must be the same as in the questions. However, you can make some changes as per the requirement.


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