Questions, Facts related with 1857 Rebellion/ Mutiny

Read some important questions/ significant facts linked with Rebellion/Mutiny/ Revolt/ Uprising of 1857 ( 1857 का विद्रोह)

This mutiny of 1857 is a great event in the history of our nation. Some people believe it to be the first war of independence against the English. But the rebellion could not bring the desired results as it failed due to many reasons.

But this revolution paved the way for the future struggles against the British East India Company. Here we are providing you some important questions or facts linked with it for the examinees of various exams. We hope they shall be beneficial for them.

1857 Mutiny Related Questions –

Q. 1. What is the exact period of the 1857 Rebellion ?

Ans – 10th May 1857 to 8th July 1859 ( 2 years/ 2 months/ 1 week)

Q. 2. What were the results of this mutiny ?

Ans – 1. Victory of East India Company

2. End of Mughal Sultanate and Maratha Sultanate

3. End of East India Company Rule in India

4. As a result, transfer of the power to British Crown

Q. 3. How did the Mutiny begin before time ?

Ans – With the mutiny of Sepoys of the East India Company’s army.

Q. 5. When did Mutiny of Sepoys begin ?

Ans – On 10th May 1857

Q. 6. What was the place of mutiny of Sepoys ?

Ans – Cantonment of Meerut

Facts about 1857 Rebellion

Q. 7. Who was the First Governor General of India ?

Ans – Warren Hastings

Q. 8. In how many parts were the Forces divided before the revolt ?

Ans – Three Presidency Armies – Bombay, Madras and Bengal

Q. 9. Chief causes of Rebellion ?

Ans – 1. Tallow and lard-greased cartridges

2. Civilian Disturbance because of too much interference of Britishers

3. Unrest in Bengal Army

Q. 10. Who and when has written the critique called ” The Causes of the Indian Mutiny ?

Ans – Sir Syed Ahmed Khan in 1859

Q. 11. Which regiment did Mangal Pandey belong to ?

Ans – 34th Bengal Native Infantry

Q. 12. When did Mangal Pandey declare that he would rebel against his commanders ?

Ans – On 28th March 1857

Q. 13. Whom did Mangal Pandey shoot at ?

Ans – Sergeant Major James Hewson

Q. 14. When was he court-martialed and hanged ?

Ans – Court-martialed on 6th April 1857 and hanged on 8th April 1857

Q. 15. Who was the ruler of Delhi at the time of revolt ?

Ans – Bahadur Shah

Q. 16. Where is Flag Staff Tower located ?

Ans – Delhi

Q. 17. Who and when Bahadur Shah Jafar and his sons captured ?

Ans – William Hodson at Humayun’s Tomb on 20th Sept 1857

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