SSC CHSL LDC DEO Solution 2017 with Answer key for Jan/ Feb Exams

The exams for LDC, DEO, PA and SA are going on with numerous candidates are taking them. After exams, the examinees are browsing through various websites including SSC for Solution. But official Answer key is still missing.

Now we are publishing some questions with answers from these exams. May be this SSC Solution Key can help you having a bit idea of your performance. Moreover, we shall keep adding more and more questions as soon as we get them.

The level of the exam seems to be just average. The level of GK questions is not so high. These are general and much expected questions. So the cut off will also be higher. We shall give you our expected cut off immediately after Feb 2017 Exam.

These questions shall also help the future examinees. They can guess the nature of questions SSC is asking.

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SSC CHSL Jan/ Feb 2017 Exam Solution

Q. In which year did the first world war begin ?

Answer – In 1914 and ended in 1919

Q. State with maximum numbers of forests is ..

Answer – MP

Q. Who had got Bibi ka Maqbara built ?

Answer – Azam Shah

Q. Which state has Bodo Tribes ?

Answer – Assam

Q. Name the vitamin helps in clotting of blood ?

Answer – Vitamin K

Q. Name the catalyst used to separate milk from curd ?

Answer – Renin

SSC LDC/ DEO/PA/SA Complete Solution

Q. Who is the inventor of Seismograph ?

Answer – John Milne

Q. Which is the highest grosser Hollywood Movie ?

Answer – Avatar

Q. Which day is the longest in northern hemisphere ?

Answer – June 21

Q. Who administers the oath to the Governor of the state ?

Answer – Chief Justice of High Court

Q. IN BOD5, what does 5 stand for ?

Answer – F stands for 5 part per million whereas BOD for Biochemical Oxygen Demand.

Q. What is the Newton’s Third Law ?

Answer – For every action, there is equal and opposite reaction.

Q. Who has written Prithviraj Raso ?

Answer – Chand Bardai

Q. What is the source of energy for the plants ?

Answer – Sun and the process of converting this solar energy is called Photosynthesis

Q. What is the tenure of Rajya Sabha ( Upper House ) Members ?

Answer – 6 years

Q. Name the instrument used in measuring the depth of the sea ?

Answer – Fathometer

Q. The process of making curd from milk is called ..

Answer – Coagulation

For more CHSL Solution key please keep coming. We also request you to share questions with us so that we may give you the solution of those questions. You can also contact us if you find any error in the solution provided by us.

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Official answer key will come out after all the exams. The expected date of publishing Official solution is Feb end or first week of March 2017. Besides for latest information regarding SSC Exams or related issues be in touch.

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