Practice Set for Non-Finite Verb – Paper 1

Practice makes a man perfect. This rule applies to every person and every thing in this world. And it also applies to English Grammar. If you wish to have good hands at Non-Finite Verb, you must practise it as much as possible.

That’s why we are providing you Practice Set for Non-Finites. Hope it shall help you in having good command over this topic. But before that you must read the Rules and Usage of Non-Finite from here.

Correct the following sentences – Common Errors related with Non-Finites

1. He said that he would die rather than to beg.

2. Rudra is the last student entering the class-room.

3. She saw her friend to leave the house.

4. They did not liked my idea of going there.

5. They came here to finding jobs.

6. He did nothing but eat.

7. I dare not to tell him that I can’t help him.

8. I told him that come to my house along with his brother.

9. Having taking my breakfast, I left for office.

10. Seeing is to believe.

Practice Set 1 for Non-Finite Verb

11. I dislike to drink wine.

12. On reach there, I found her sleep.

13. She asked me helping the poor.

14. She is too weak to moving a bit.

15. They don’t know what to do now.

16. I made him to go.

17. You had better to stay here.

18. He dares to come here.

19. She wants to come and to talk to me.

20. Why to go there without invitation ?

21. I don’t mind his come here.

22. I am opposed to go there.

23. I am to going there tomorrow.

24. They were taking to hospital.

25. You must avoid to drink.

26. Ravi is a first person to come.

27. She is a last girl to go.

Non-Finite Set 1 Solution

1. Delete to 2. to enter 3. leave ( remove to ) 4. like 5. find 6. the given sentence is correct 7. dare not tell 8. to come 9. Having taken 10. believing 11. drinking 12. reaching, sleeping 13. to help 14. to move 15. the given sentence is correct 16. go 17. stat here 18. come 19. and talk 20. Why go 21. coming 22. going 23. to go 24. were taken 25. drinking 26 the first 27. the last

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