Telephonic Conversation - Part 1 ( Talking on Phone)

Telephonic conversation is an integral part of Speaking in the modern world. It requires a lot of practice to be confident while undergoing conversation on telephone/ mobile. There are two things which are very important while talking on telephone.

Telephonic Conversation at

First is the listening with understanding and second is the reaction ( replying or speaking). So the practice of both the things are required. For that ask your friend to undergo some Telephonic Conversation in English with you and give a lot of practice to that.

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There can be any of the situations for Telephonic Conversation. Talking to a doctor about some disease or a friend discussing evening programme and so on. Practice one such from below-

This is the telephonic conversation between two friends. Check it.

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Telephonic Conversation - Discussing Evening Programme ( Seeing a movie )

John - Hello.

Sophia - Hello.

John - Is this Sophia ?

Sophia - Yeah, speaking. Who is speaking please ?

John - This is John. Didn't recognize ?

Sophia - Oh John. How are you?

John - Fine. Can I speak to Tom ?

Sophia - Yes, just a minute. Hold on, please.

Tom- Hi John, Tom here.

John - Hi Tom, what's up?

Tom - Nothing special, just getting bored. Sitting at home, doing nothing.

John - So what about going to a movie?

Tom - Not a bad idea. Which movie ?

John - There is a new movie at Multiplex. I've read reviews of that movie also. It's worth seeing.

Tom - OK. I'd love to see that. But what about the tickets ?

John - Don't worry about the tickets. I'll arrange them for the evening show.

Tom - That's great. When should we meet then?

John - Outside the Multiplex at 4 O'clock sharp.

Tom - Sure, I'll reach there on time.

John - See you then, bye.

Tom - Bye

So this is a model telephonic conversation. It will certainly provide you a bit of idea as how to handle such situation. You can make a bit of change in this script as for the requirement for practice.

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