How to make Telephonic Conversation in English ? – Some Tips

A call on your mobile phone. You picked it up and the speaker was speaking in English. You were shocked and couldn’t understand. A few words came out from your mouth – Yes, OK, Please Repeat, Pardon, sorry this is the wrong no.

Later you came to know that it was a right call and it was meant for you, your interview call. So you missed the boat. Such things happen with a large no of people like you.

So you are not the exception. So a great no of people are poor at telephonic conversation in English Language. Here are some of the tips you can use to improve your telephonic talk.

Some tips of making Effective Telephonic English Conversation –

Listening is more important – The first big hurdle that comes while making telephonic English Conversation is non-understanding of English. We are not able to understand what the speaker is speaking.

So in order to overcome this difficulty, you must undergo a lot of English Listening Practice. Listen English Programmes, watch English Movies and enhance your understanding of listening.

Undergo Telephonic Conversation as much as possible –

Talk on telephone with your friends and practice English language with them. If friends are not available, you can make a call International/ Domestic Call Centres and make some inquiry regarding some services. It will certainly give you an ample practice.

Improve your Speaking Skills

Improve your English Speaking skills for all the conditions. Speaking is speaking whether you talking on phone or without phone. Have some friends and chat with them face to face and on phone also.

Have some confidence in yourself –

Telephonic Conversation is the matter of confidence. People may have phobia in this regard due to poor knowledge of language. Don’t take such things at heart.

Show some confidence when you are speaking on your cell phone or face to face a person.

What happens if you are wrong? No all the people are perfect. Only try to be good talker at the phone.

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