How to Improve GD Skills for CAT, Job Interviews ? Some Tips

Group Discussion is a part of Admission Procedures and Job Interviews for the prestige institutions and Companies. But when there is the mention of the Group Discussion ( its short form is GD is more popular ), the candidates start trembling with phobia. There are various unmentionable reasons that lead to this fear. Here in this post we will diagnose these fears and also their remedies.

How to improve your GDFirst of all we must know that GD is a skill -based- activity that requires sharpening. For improving your performance in Group Discussion, you need to work on many areas. Let’s discuss some of these fields and how to work on them.

Fluency in the Language of GD is must –

First of all, the candidates must have full competence and proficiency in the language in which GD will be held. Say it is English. Your spoken English must be fluent. It must be sans Grammatical Errors. The more fluent and more correct you are, the more confidence you have for GD.

Grip over the Contents –

Group Discussion is based on some issues. You must have complete hold over the topics on which you have to speak. For that the preparation is must. Collect facts regarding that topics from the sources available to you. You can take the help of Internet, library and newspapers.

How to Improve GD

Read Newspapers on Daily basis –

Read some Newspaper ( in the language on which you wanna command ) on daily basis. There are umpteen benefits of reading the Newspaper. First it will update you with what is going on in the country and the world.

Secondly you will come across with new words and their usage. In this way it will help you to enrich your language with new words and facts which are the foremost requirement of Good Group Discussion.

Have some practice at home –

Before the Actual GD, you can simulate the situation at home. Prepare a Group of some friends who can help you in sharpening this skills of GD. Speak with them. This Phoney GD will help you for the Genuine GD in future.

Listening is also must –

Listen to some debates on TV. It will certainly provide you some idea of how to handle a situation. Listening will also improve your pronunciation.

Some more important Points for Effective participation in GD.

  1. Try to raise your voice during the Group Discussion.
  2. Express yourself boldly and frankly.
  3. Don’t speak too much.
  4. Limit your expressions. They should not be too much.
  5. Don’t be over-aggressive.
  6. Take everything in a friendly and healthy way.

So language proficiency, updated with the latest news and contents and constant practice is must of good GD.

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