HSSC Written Exam Practice Paper – 4

A no of exams have taken place and there are more tests to take place in future. The commission has already conducted the exams for Teaching posts like TGT and PGT, Patwari, and other so many posts.

The upcoming exams are Clerk, Canal Patwari, Auction Recorder and more teaching and non-teaching jobs. The Pattern and syllabus for these tests by HSSC is almost the same. 100 short questions and 200 marks except teaching jobs where 80 questions and 160 highest marks.

The much depends upon your hard work and strategy. The strategy involves the access to the right syllabus and sample papers along with last years’ questions and timing. For more practice and correcting the timing, the candidates need to undergo more and more practice sets. Check one more from below –

Do more HSSC Practice Sets from here.

Haryana Govt Jobs Practice Set- 4

Q. 1. Which place is also famous as Prithviraj ki Kachahari ?

Q. 2. Who had got the Sohna Fort built ?

Q. 3. Complete the following series – DF, GJ, KM, NQ, RT, ?

Q. 4. A train running with the speed of 45 km/hr crosses the 130 m long bridge in 30 seconds. What is the length of the bridge ?

Q. 5. If a shopkeeper incurs profit of Rs 15 after selling a thing for Rs 100/-, how much profit he will earn in % ?

Q. 6. Which amount shall be Rs 520 and Rs 568 in the respective 5 yrs and 7 yrs at the interest rate ?

Q. 7. A, B and C are sisters. E’s brother is D and B is E’s daughter. Now tell what is D to E ?

HSSC Practice Set – 4

Q. 8.    पितृण में कौन सी संधि है ?

Q. 9. रंगमंच पर परदे के पीछे का स्थान कहलाता है –

Q. 10. I as well as my brother ——–( be ) going to Delhi.

Q. 11. Correct the sentence – The students gave the test sincerely and there was no case of copying.

Q. 12. When is Air force Day celebrated ?

Q. 13. Where is Nishat Baag situated ?

Q. 14.The person suffering from Hemophilia has the problem –

Answers – 1. Tosham ki Bawri 2. Raja Sohan Singh in 18th Century 3. UX 4. 245 m 5. 17 11/17 6. Rs 400/- 7. Aunt 8. दीर्घ स्वर संधि  9. नेपथ्य 10. am 11. use take instead of gave 12. on 8th of October 13. Srinagar 14. bleeding doesn’t stop

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