12th English Model Test/ Guess Paper for Haryana Board Exam

We are preparing an English Model Test Paper / Guess Paper for all the students of HBSE 12th students. The yearly exam will take place in March 2019. Students must be burning midnight oil for the test. The test will contain the whole syllabus unlike previous years.

There is no semester system now. Therefore more burden is on the students now to cover the whole syllabus. This Guess paper may help the students in their preparation.

Note – This paper is without Unseen Comprehension and Notes-making.

7th March 2017 12th English Paper with Solution

Haryana Board 12th Guess Paper/ Model Test Paper for English Subject

Max Marks – 70

Section B – ( Grammar and Writing Skills )

Q. 1 Use the correct form of verbs given in brackets – 10×1

a. They ————( watch ) movie for an hour.

b. She ———–( go away) after we had returned from the market.

c. If you ——–( help) him, he ———-( not commit) suicide.

Q. 2. Change the narration of the following sentences –

a. I say,” You are a good boy.”

b. Rudra said to me,” I shall purchase a new bicycle next year.”

c. She said to me,” What is your name ?”

Q. 3. Change the voice of the following sentences –

a. Your story did not interest me.

b. Let it be done.

c. Lemons taste sour.

Q. 4. Fill in the blanks with suitable articles –

a. I waited him outside ———Taj.

b. He earns Rs 20,000 ——–month.

c. ———-dog is a faithful animal.

Q. 5. Fill in the blanks with suitable modals appropriate to the sense given in the brackets –

a. ————–you, please, give me your book ? ( Polite Request)

b. ———his soul rest in peace ! ( wish)

c. A ———Judge be upright. ( Moral Obligation)

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HBSE Sr Secondary English Guess Paper

Q. 2 Attempt any two of the following – 2×3

a. Design a poster to promote ” Save the Girl Child” campaign.

b. You are Kinjal, President of the Excursion Club. Your club is organizing an excursion to Jaipur in the upcoming winter break for the students from 9th to 12th. Write a notice in about 50 words informing the students of the concerned classes giving details about the excursion.

c. You are the director of a coaching institute called ” Boost Your Talent”. You need some instructors for various subjects. Draft a suitable advertisement for your institute.

Q. 3. Attempt any two of the following – 5

a. Your school recently celebrated the Golden Jubilee of Haryana Day. There were many cultural items. Write  a report in not more than 100 words on the same.

b. Write a paragraph on ‘ A Visit to an International Trade Fair”.

Q. 4. Your name is Rudra Gupta. Write a letter to the Editor about the falling standard of education system. Or 5

Your name is John. Write an application for the job of a computer operator to ABC Private Ltd, Faridabad.

Section B ( English Main Reader )

Q. 5. Read the following passage and answer the questions that follow – 5×1

My American publisher said while she loved my book, she didn’t expect to sell more than 3,000 copies in a country where nobody has seen a cathedral or studies Latin. So I was given an advance for 3,000 copies, but in the end it sold two or three million in the US.

A lot of books have been written about the medieval past far before mine. I think the success of the book is a mystery. Nobody can predict it.

a. Name the speaker of the above lines.

b. What was the American’s publisher attitude about the speaker’s novel ?

c. What was the reason of the big success of the novel according to the speaker ?

d. What does the writer say about the success of his novel /

e. Which period of time does the writer’s novel relate to ?

Q. 6. Answer the following question in 80-100 words. 5

How did Douglas overcome his fear of water?


What type of girl was Sophie? Describe her ways and temperament.

Q. 7. Answer any five of the following in 30-40 words – 5×2

a. Why did Gandhi ji decide to go to Muzzafarpur ? Where did he stay there ?

b. What made the peddler think that he had indeed fallen into a rattrap ?

c. Describe Seemapuri.

d. Who was Subbu ? Why was he considered No 2 at Gemini Studios ?

e. Why do most celebrity writers despise being interviewed ?

f. How was the atmosphere in the classroom during the last lesson ?

English Poetry Section

Q. 8. Of all the unhealthy and o’er -darkened ways 5×1

Made for our searching : yes, in spite of all,

Some shape of beauty moves away the pall

From our dark spirits.

a. Name the poem and the poet.

b. What does the poet mean by o’er – darkened ways ?

c. What does ‘all’ refer to in the phrase ‘ in spite of all’?

d. What does some shape of beauty do ?

e. What idea do these lines contain ?

Q. 9. Answer the following in 30-40 words each – 2 × 3

a. How do ‘denizens’ and ‘chivalric’ add to our understanding of the tigers’ attitude ?

b. Why does the poet call map a bad example.

Section D – Supplementary Reader

How did the king of Pratibandhpuram get his nick name ? 5

How can Antarctica help in knowing the past, present and future of the earth ?

Q. 10. Answer any 3 of the following in 30-40 words each : 3 × 3

a. How did Charley enter the third level ?

b. Does Jo like the end of the story ?

c. Why did Derry enter the garden ? Whom did he find there ?

d. How did Dr. Sadeo help the American soldier ?

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