HBSE 11th English Paper Solution for 25th Feb 2017

Haryana Board conducted the English Paper for Class 11th on 25/02/2017. It was for all the students of all schools in Haryana. The duration of the exam was 2:30 hrs. The maximum marks were 80. The candidates must get at least 27 marks for clear the exam.

Here we are solving this paper for Class 10+1 students. We hope that they shall be able to have some guess of the marks they may get. This paper shall also clear their doubts regarding grammar and comprehensions. So get your result before actual result.

Haryana Board 11th English Paper with Answers –

Q. 1 Passage – Few animals are as useful or as unpopular as the goat………..

Answer i – Goats have supplied people with milk and meat.

Answer – ii – Goats are hardy creatures.

Answer – iii – Billy goats have a bad temper and a strong, unpleasant smell.

Answer – iv – The goat will produce much better milk, flesh and wool.

Answer – v- 1. Swiss Goats 2. eastern goats 3. wool goats

Section B Grammar –

Q. 3 Attempt any twelve –

a. Correct forms of verbs

i. A liar is a person who habitually tells lies.

ii. Mohan has been living in this town since 1992.

iii. It was raining when I went out.

b. b. Combine each of the following group of sentences –

i. He was absent, so he was fined. or He was fined because he was absent.

ii. The man who had composed this song is visiting us tomorrow.

iii. I saw several houses which were quite unsuitable.

c. Modals auxiliaries

i. Would you please open the door ?

ii. It may rain today.

iii. You should work hard.

HBSE 11th Solved English Paper for 25th Feb Exam 2017

d. Fill in the blanks as directed.

i. You have some fine flowers in your garden .

ii. I sold the few books I had.

iii. This bicycle is mine.

e. Change the voice

i. Let a lie not be told. ( Don’t tell a lie )

ii. It is time for tea to be taken. ( ( It is time to take tea.)

iii. You are requested to bring me a glass of water. ( Please bring me a glass of water.)

Section C – Main Reader –

Passage – The mummy is in very bad condition ……….


i. Discovering Tut – the Saga Continues and author is A.R Williams.

Passage – What is often …….

Name of the chapter – Landscape of the Soul and the author is Nathalie Trouveroy


Stanza – And forever, by day and night ……

Name of the poem – The Voice of Rain and the poet – Walt Whitman

Stanza – When did my childhood go ? …..

Name of the poem – Childhood and the poet – Markus Natten

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