Practice Set/ Exercise related with Phrasal Verbs – For all Exams

Students and English learners require a lot of practice of Phrasal verbs to have good command over them. They are numerous. So it is wise to read them and practice them on regular basis. Here we are providing you the Practice Set of some Important Phrasal Verbs.

This Practice Set or Exercise in the form of blanks. We have provided the answers at the end of the Exercise. So get ready to use your brains and know your preparation.

Phrasal Verbs Exercise –

1. The wise people always lay ———–money for the the tough times.

2. We have a ————-( turn out/ turn over) of about one million dollars a year.

3. There was the good ———–( turn out/ turn over) for attending the ceremony.

4. The ———-( take off/ take over) of the helicopter could not take place due to heavy fog.

5. The rise in income is generally ———-( Offset/ Upset) by the increase in expenditures.

6. We warned them of the consequences at the ———-( onset/ outset)

7. She is on the ————( look out/ outlook) for a good job.

8. The news of prison ———( breakout/ breakdown) spread like jungle fire.

9. He uses ———-( offbeat/ of beat ) themes for his novels.

10. No body is aware of the ———( outcome/overcome) of the meeting.

11. It is not very difficult to ——-( outcome/overcome) your difficulties.

Phrasal Verb Practice Set

12. His present statement does not hang ——-( over/ together) with the one he made yesterday.

13. An intelligent person can ——–any difficult problem. ( work up/ work out)

14. Who knows what is to be ——–( turn out/ turn up) next ?

15. He ——— his factory on the outskirts of the city. ( set up/ set in)

16. USA ———-( stand for/ stand by) United States of America.

17. The politicians must not ———( work up/work out) communal tension.

18. As the bus ——–( pull in/ pull up), he ran to board it.

19. Hard work may ———( tell upon/ tell on) your health.

20. Now people can see ——–( through/ off) the cunning intentions of the politicians.

Answers – 1. by 2. turn over 3. turn out 4. take off 5. Offset 6. outset 7. look out 8. break out 9. offbeat 10. outcome 11. overcome 12. together 13. work out 14. turned up 15. set up 16. stands for 17. work up 18. pulled in 19. tell upon 20. see through

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