RSCIT 26th Feb Question Paper with Solution 2017 – Available

Today ( 26/02/2017) RKSC held another exam of RSCIT, a Computer based test. The test happened quite successfully. There were 35 Multiple Choice Questions. Each of the questions was of 2 marks. It made the paper of 70 Marks.

And the candidates need to grab only 40 Marks to be considered qualified. The exam ran for 60 Minutes. Besides this external exam, there is an internal exam of 30 Marks. These 30 Marks are in the hands of teachers and the concerned centre. The aspirants need to have 12 marks separately in this internal RSCIT.

Now we are publishing 26th Feb RSCIT Answer key with solution. We hope it shall help you to judge your exam performance.

26/02/2017 RKCL RSCIT  Question Paper with Solution –

Q. In G-mails where do we find incoming g-mails ?

Answer – Inbox

Q. Name the Protocol used for secure communication over a computer network on HTTP?

Answer – HTTPS

Q. Password considered to be strongest ?

Answer – Vmou@2017

Q. Not a valid set of data type in MS -Access 2011 ?

Answer – They are Text, No and Memo

Q. How do we measure the output quality of the printer ?

Answer – Dots per inch

Q. Supports cashless transaction ……..

Answer – All of the above

Rajasthan RSCIT  Feb Complete Question Paper with Answer key

Q. While sending an email …………..into the above field ?

Answer – Cc

Q. Name the application program that allows teachers to present their lesson in more dynamic way than simply lecturing and writing on the blackboard ?

Answer – MS Power Point

Q. Windows 10 and DOS are based on the Operating Systems ?

Answer – Graphical User Interface and Command Line Interface resp.

Q. Cortana is ….

Answer – It is an inbuilt digital personal assistant in Windows 10.

Q. Not true regarding conditional formatting in MS-Excel 2010?

Answer – Add more than one condition to check.

Q. Not an example of the primary storage?

Answer – RAM

Q. An international online software store developed by Google for Android Devices ?

Answer – Google Play Store

Q. Name the default file format of a newly created database using MS Access 2010?

Answer – .accdb.

Q. MS DOS/Windows & Unix/Linux use commands to list a directory of files  or get information about file ….

Answer – These commands are – Is, dir resp.

Q. What does ‘\’ represent in this path: ‘C:\VMOU\RSCIT\path.bmp’ ?

Answer – It represents Sub Folder

Q. Which appears on the top of the MS Access 2010 window and display the name of database file and database path ?

Answer- Title Bar appears on the top.

Q. Which short key does a user use for going directly to the slide no 4 during the slide show in MS Power-point 2010 ?

Answer – the short-key is 4+enter.

Q. Name the network topology in which each network host connected to a central hub with point-to-point connections ?

Answer – Star Topology

Q. Option in control panel ……………energy consumption of device ….

Answer – Power Option

Q. Toggle Keys …….

Answer – All….

Check RSCIT Solution 26/02/2017

Q. Which of the statement correct and incorrect ?

Answer – Statement 1 – incorrect and Statement 2 – Correct

Q. MS PowerPoint 2010, SmartArt Graphics ….

Answer – Design tab

Q. In a database, we call a set of related data …..

Answer – Record

Q. Most appropriate option about Web-browser …..

Answer – Both A and B correct

Q. What is Mobile Wi-Fi Hot-spot ?

Answer – It is a  physical location that offers internet access over a Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) …… Internet Service Provider (ISP).

Q. Information in a permanent readable format also known as Hard Copy …..

Answer – None

Q. What is Google drive an example of ?

Answer – It is an example of Cloud Storage

Q. not chart type available in Microsoft Excel 2010?

Answer – Bubble

Q. Speed of which data gets transferred in network

Answer – Bandwidth

Q. What do we call a collection of 8 bytes ?

Answer – 8 bytes = Bit

Q. Default position of task-bar in Windows 10 is ….

Answer – Right

Q. What is a valid example of IP Address ?

Answer –

Q. What shall we use to copy formatting from one area in a work-sheet and applying it to another area ?

Answer – We shall use Ctrl + C and then Ctrl + V

Q. Which key do we use if we get any slide mistakenly deleted ?

Answer – Ctrl + Y.

Disclaimer regarding RSCIT Solution Key 2017 – If any of you find any error in any of the answers, he/she can correct by sending right answer via comment box below. In addition, we also seek your feedback.

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