HBSE 9th English Question Paper with Solution 27th Feb 2017

Around half million students from 9th class under HBSE took English Paper today ( 27/02/2017). The paper contained 10 questions of maximum 80 Marks. Out of the total marks, the candidates need to obtain only Twenty Seven to be passed.

English Paper analysis –

The paper was simple as far as questions from Text are concerned. However, the grammar portion was not so easy.

Note – We are just solving Unseen Comprehensions and English Grammar.

Haryana Board 9th class English Paper Solution 2017

Section A ( Unseen Comprehension )

Late in the afternoon, Swami Vivekananda …………..true service of God.

Answer – a. Swami Vivekananda gave his speech late in the afternoon.

b. He said that the religions of the world were the same.

c. He felt a divine power in him.

d. Swami Vivekananda said that Hinduism regards every man, woman and child as a part of God.

e. Stopped means ‘ ceased ‘.


Cheating in examination ………wrong methods.

a. Cheating in the examination is a major defect of our education system.

b. Students consider it their birthright.

c. Guides and notes

d. The teachers pass most of the students.

e. Teachers encourage the students to use unfair means with the desire of showing good results.

f. to make use of – to cultivate

HBSE 9th Class Solved English Paper Grammar

Section C – Grammar

Q. 3 Attempt any twelve –

a. Correct form of verb –

i. I always come to see you here.

ii. I had finished my work before he came.

iii. I have been working on this project for three days.

iv. I have never seen him before.

b. Appropriate Preposition

i. I am hard of hearing.

ii. He jumped off/ from the wall.

iii. Ram was married to Sita.

iv. I enquired into the matter.

c. Use the adverbial form …..

i. He can speak English fluently.

ii. I can solve this sum easily.

iii. Mohan can do this work happily.

iv. I don’t like this gloomy atmosphere.

d.Write the following sentences in its comparative forms –

i. No other writer of India is greater than Kalidas.

ii. No other city of India is bigger than Delhi.

iii. No other person of the city is richer than Ram.

iv. No other book in the world is better than that of yours.

e. Correct Non-finite Form –

i. You had better stop smoking.

ii. I enjoy reading this book.

iii. She hopes to pass this year.

iv. I received your written letter.

f. Change the voice

i. English is spoken by her.

ii. Let him be turned out.

iii. He was written a letter by you.

iv. Our teachers should be obeyed by us.

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