Preposition Practice Set 2 with Solution – Imp Sentences

The students need to have good practice of Prepositions. Only then will have good command over them. Here is one more Practice Set. We hope it shall help you in learning the proper use of prepositions in the sentences.

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Preposition Practice Paper 1

Fill in the blanks with appropriate prepositions.

Note – The answers are given at the end of the Practice set.

1. The wise people don’t show ——-their knowledge.

2. The teacher had warned him ——strict punishment.

3. They suffered big loss ——-business.

4. We should not trespass ——–government land.

5. He will speak ——-you to the boss.

6. Think ——-a plan and let us know soon.

7. We work hard to ward ———-poverty and starvation.

8. Your work is worthy ———–people’s praise.

9. We must do our best to triumph ——–our difficulties.

10. We should not wary ——–problems in life.

11. They are wanting ——common sense.

12. John is versed ——–the art of flattery.

Prepositions Practice Set 2

13. We should think ——-decision once again.

14. He loves to play ——–flute.

15. The mother is pining ——-her lost child.

16. Kinjal is quick ———-of understanding.

17. The rich should take pity ———the poor.

18. Sequel ——-failures in life, he has gone frustrated.

19. Fate will certainly smile ——-you.

20. The child is slow ———-learning.

21. Who has written preface ———this novel ?

22. Greedy persons can’t part ——–even a single penny.

23. The sage lives ———-water only.

24. I heard a knock ——–the door.

25. People should not judge ——–things by their outward appearance.

26. Caterina is married ——-Alfred. (male)

27. Alfred is married ——-Caterina. ( female)

28. I am unable to infer ——-anything from the statement.

29. When I heard ——-the incident, I rushed to the spot.

30. The drunken man intruded ——-the her room.

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Answers – 1. off  2. of 3. in 4. on 5. for 6. of 7. off 8. of 9. over 10. of 11. in 12. in 13. over 14. upon 15. for 16. of 17. on 18. to 19. on 20. at 21. to 22. from 23.on 24. on 25. of 26 with 27 to 28. from 29. of 30. into

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