Practice Set for Preposition – Paper Set 1

Preposition is one of the most important part of Competitive English. In order to get hold over this topic, you need to do a lot of practice. You need to learn use of Prepositions and then undergo a lot of Practice work. We are providing you some Practice sets in future. Here you can practice Set No 1. It is imperative to check the Rules of Prepositions first of all. In this post you will find some important prepositions.

Prepositions – Practice Set – 1

Fill the blanks with Correct Prepositions –

1. That boy is found guilty ————theft.

2. You should take care ———-your health.

3. The frog jumped ———–well.

4. Kinjal is angry ————her father.

5. Beware ———–pick pockets.

6. They prefer reading novels ————watching movies.

7. His brother is addicted ————smoking.

8. We must abstain ————-bad habits.

9. The bus is ————time.

10. I am good ——–-Chemistry.

11. Who is knocking ————the door.

12. He has turned ————-my request.

13. The war between India and Pakistan broke ———– in 1972.

14. We must apologize————- him for our wrong behaviour.

Prepositions – Paper Set 1

15. She was born ———–29th Dec 1985.

16. He felt grief ———–the death of his friend’s father.

17. Distribute the toffees ————-your friends.

18. The quarrel took place ———two brothers.

19. The fox jumped ———- the sheep

20. Your remark is ———-the point.

21. His house is ———–fire.

22. Money is essential ————-happiness.

23. He is not eligible ————-this post.

24. They have been watching TV ————half an hour.

25. I reminded him ———his promise.

26. They are not interested ————-my story.

27. We must abide ———-rules of the road.

28. He did not act ———–my advice.

29. Listen ———-what I say.

30. He is always true ———-his word.

Answers of Prepositions Practice Set 1  – 1. of 2. of 3. in to 4. with 5. of 6. to 7. to 8. from 9. behind 10 at 11. at 12 down 13. out 14. to 15. on 16. at 17. among 18. between 19. upon 20. to 21. on 22. to 23. for 24. for 25. of 26. in 27. by 28. upon 29. to 30. to

In future we shall provide some more Prepositions related  Practice Sets. So keep coming.

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