Practice Set for Preposition – Paper Set 1

Preposition is one of the most important part of Competitive English. In order to get hold over this topic, you need to do a lot of practice. You need to learn use of Prepositions and then undergo a lot of

Rules of Prepositions with Practice Papers for all Exams

English Subject  is an integral Part of all the Recruitment/Competitive Exams whether it is for a Clerk or IAS or for Admission to Diplomas or Degrees. Everywhere English has  good reputation. And in English, Grammar enjoys the same reputation as

Translation Practice Set Related With Preposition – Hindi to English

Learn Translation Practice Set Regarding Preposition – Translation from Hindi to English – Very important sentences for English Learners – Useful links for the examinees Translation Practice Set related with Preposition ( From Hindi to English ) वह मुझे बस-स्टॉप

Translation Practice Set from Hindi to English – Preposition

Prepare Translation Practice Set of Preposition from Hindi to English – Important sentences – Useful links for all the candidates Translation from Hindi to English ( Preposition ) – वे छत पर खेल रहे है । – They are playing

Preposition Practice Set 3 with Answers

Do the Practice Set 3 of Preposition – Under each and every preposition, we have given solution/ answer – Useful links for all the students Use of Preposition – 1. Angry – with Example – Ravi is angry with John.