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Rajasthan VMOU Scholarship Exam RKCL RSCIT took place quite successfully on 17th of Sept 2017. This is a familiar Computer literacy related test. Tens of thousands of aspirants become part of this test every year.

The next exam falls on Sept 17, 2017. The official solution key of that exam shall be available on this page at rkcl.vmou.ac.in. So wait for the exam is over and visit this page for checking your response.

Read important Computer GK Questions for 17/09/2017 Exam.

The official answer key is available at the VMOU’s official address now. Check it below right now.

Now all of them wish to check their exam performance Booklet wise A,B,C and D. You can do so by going at the end of this page. There you have to tap various links as per requirement.

We shall provide you first of all unofficial answer key. The official answer key shall come by 10th of Feb 2017. The exam conducting body has decided to hold the test in two phases this year. So it was the first phase exam. The Second Phase RSCIT test shall occur on 17th of Sept 2017. We must remind you one thing that last year Official Answer Key had come out after 20th of Feb.

RKCL RSCIT Sept Result 2017

What will the RKCL RSCIT 17/09/2017 Exam carry ?

Most of the questions will be Computer basic questions. Still some examinees maintain that it may be more difficult test than the last year’s. As for Exam Reviews for this Sept 2017 exam, we shall be able to give it in the evening today.

RSCIT 17th Sept 2017 Official Answer key/Previous Years’ Questions with Solution

RSCIT Answer key with Compete Solution 2017-

Before the official answer key, we shall provide you the solution of the said paper. We are in the process of getting the question paper from some of the students. We also request you to share the question paper with us via comment box below.

Click here for 26th Feb 2017 Question Paper with Solution

For the complete solution of the paper keep in touch.

VMOU will release the official solution of the 17th Sept exam within two days of the exam. The candidates can check their RSCIT Solution Key from here.

Name of the Test VMOU RSCIT Exam
Date of Test 17/09/2017 ( Sunday)
Answer Key Status By 20/09/2017

The aspirants can get their redress addressed within two or three days if any. The email address for the purpose is –


RSCIT 5th Feb 2017 Solution –

What is the topology with highest reliability ?

Answer – Mess Topology

Q. What does WIMAX come for ?

Answer – Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access

Q. What do we call the process of copying data from the memory location ?

Answer – Reading

Q. Example of Augmented Reality ?

Answer – Google Glass

Q. What do we call the address bar from where the user enter to view the web page ?

Answer – Uniform Resource Locator in short URL

Q. Which bar shows the name of the document in MS- Word ?

Answer – Title

Q. Flow charts are planning tools generally represent ?

Answer – Algorithm

Q. Name the keyboard shortcut used to rename the selected item –

Answer – F2

Q. What is the Keyboard shortcut for Undo operation ?

Answer – Ctrl + Z

Q. Windows Defender” in Windows 10 is …

Answer – Real-Time Antivirus

Q. Shortcut key for slide show in MS Power Point is …

Answer – F5

Q. What is the application software available in Windows used to create drawing or edit pictures ?

Answer -Paint

Q. What is full form of E-mail ?

Answer – Electronic Mail

Q. Name the application software is usually used to view the PDF file .

Answer – Adobe Reader

Q. What do we usually do to perform the “traffic directing” function on the internet ?

Answer – Router

RKCL RSCIT 26th Feb Solution 2017 Soon on this page

These questions shall help you in the preparation of the upcoming tests in 2017 and 2018.

Q. In MS Power-point we use ………….tab to increase the speed to transfer from one slide to another during the slide show …..

Answer – Transition

Q. What do we call the raw facts such as letters, words and sounds ?

Answer – Data

Q. We can make New Presentation from …

Answer – Empty Presentation, Existing Presentation, Design Template ( From all)

Q. When you close the incomplete e-mail, where does it go ?

Answer – In the draft

Q. What is the keyboard shortcut for Undo ?

Answer – Ctrl + Z

Q. इन्टरनेट पर यातायात निर्देशन में कार्य करने के लिए किस का इस्तेमाल किया जाता है ?

Answer – Router

VMOU RSCIT Questions with Answers

Q. How long does the removed data remain on the disc ?

Answer – until recycle bin is empty

Q. Which is the strongest computer ?

Answer – Super Computer

Q. Random Access System is a ….

Answer – Not in existence

Q. What is MP 3 ?

Answer – Related with Audio System

Q. Where do we find QWERTY ?

Answer – In Keyboard outlet

Q. What is the short-cut keys to start slide-show in the present slide ?

Answer – Shift + F5

Q. What is the short-cut key to start slide-show in Power Point ?

Answer – F5

Q. Is www.vmou.ac.in a search engine ?

Answer – No

For More Computer GK Basic Questions click here.

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