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To help the VMOU RKCL RSCIT examiners to do better in the exam, we are offering a series of Sample Papers/ Question Papers. This series of Online Computer Mock Test may help the students to know the nature of questions expected in exams. Besides, we shall provide the Complete Solution/ Answer key along with the questions.

Source of the RKCL/ RSCIT Question Papers / Mock Tests –

We have selected these Computer Based Questions from various sources online and offline. For that we have also checked the previous years’ question papers. We hope you will get much benefit from this effort of ours.

RSCIT Exam Schedules –

The exam takes place generally thrice a year. However, the no of exams may go up to four. Vardhman Mahaveer Open University ( VMOU) , Kota conducts these exams under the guidance of Rajasthan Knowledge Corporation Limited.

About RKCL Written Exam –

The Computer-based written test contains 35 questions. The aspirants have to finish this test in 60 minutes’ time. There are total 70 Marks. To pass the test, the minimum qualifying marks are 28.

RSCIT Practice Set/ Model Question Paper with Answer Key – Judge your Exam Preparation

Total Questions – 25

Minimum qualifying Questions – 10 ( 40% of the total marks)

Q. 1. When did Internet Service begin in India ?

Answer – 15/08/1995

Q. 2 Which shortcut keys do we use to close the Paint Window ?

Answer – Alt + F4

Q. 3 Which company developed the Mark 1 Computer ?

Answer – IBM

Q. 4. From which language has the word ‘Computer’ taken ?

Answer – Latin ( Word Compute )

Q. 5. Who had developed the Difference Engine ?

Answer – Charles Babbage

Q. 6. The first edition of MS-Windows released in year ………

Answer – In 1989

Q. 7. How many bits are there in the operating system of Windows – 95 ?

Answer –  32 Bit

Q. 8. What is the first edition of MS-Windows ?

Answer – Windows – 3 X

Q. 9. How many times can we use undo Command in MS- Paint ?

Answer – Two Times

Q. 10. What is the extension name of Notepad ?

Answer – .txt

Q. 11. What is the extension name of MS-Word ?

Answer – .doc

Q. 12. What is Trackball ?

Answer – Mouse

Q. 13. How many buttons are there in Macintosh mouse ?

Answer – One

Q. 14. How do we measure the regulations of the monitor ?

Answer – In Pixels

Q. 15. What is the Non-volatile Memory ?

Answer – ROM

Q. 16. EEPROM is the type of …..

Answer – ROM

Q. 17. Name the first computer manufactured in India ?

Answer – Sidharth

Important Questions for RS-CIT Exams

Q. 18. What is the full form of VOIP ?

Answer – Voice over Internet Protocol

Q. 19. Full form of UIDAI –

Answer – Unique Identification Authority of India

Q. 20. Which Network had begun in 1991 ?

Answer – NREN (National Research and Education Network )

Q. 21. What is Bing?

Answer – A Search Engine

Q. 22. What is Internet Explorer ?

Answer – Web Browser

Q. 23. Who gave the concept of WWW. ?

Answer – Tim Berners

Q. 24. What is the stretched form of MODEM ?

Answer – Modulater Demodulater

Q. 25. Which shortcut keys do we use to stretch the drawing ?

Answer – Ctrl+ W

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