UPSC IAS Weird & Funny Questions with Answers – Aspirants must read

Whenever one talks about IAS Interview, he starts shivering from inside. It is one of the most difficult interviews in India. Aspirants do a lot of practice to crack it. They do everything to clear this last stage of their selection. Even they take the help of experts in IAS Interviews. They undergo each and every aspect related with the interview. They go through the whole content, general and specific.

These candidates make efforts to have complete hold over the language in which they have to give interview. Everybody knows that questions asked in such interviews are quite tricky and mind-boggling. And most of the time, the questions are quite surprising and shocking. These questions are not expected by the candidates.

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The main objective of the interviewers is to check the knowledge of the candidates besides their presence of mind. So there is no scope or range of the questions. Therefore, these candidates must be mentally ready for such questions. Sometimes the questions are very strange and funny in nature. We have prepared a list of such questions that can surprise you and force you to think.

Funny and Weird Questions asked in UPSC IAS Interviews –

Q. If 8 men took 8 hours to construct a wall, how long will 5 men take to complete it ?

Answer – No time as it is already built.

Q. Is it possible to drop a raw egg on the concrete wall without cracking it ?

Answer – Yes because the wall is of concrete and it will not crack.

Q. Is it possible for you to lift an elephant with one hand ?

Ans – Not so much if one finds an elephant with hand.

Q. How can a man remain without sleep for 10 days ?

Answer – He can because he can sleep during nights.

Q. In which state is Bay of Bengal ?

Answer – It is in liquid state.

Q. What is it you can never have in your breakfast ?

Answer – I can’t have lunch or dinner in my breakfast.

Q. What will you do when you find yourself pregnant after one morning you get up  ?

Answer – I’ll be more excited to share the news with my husband.

Q. What will happen if you throw a white stone in to the blue sea ?

Answer – It will get wet and sink.

Other questions which you can expect quite often are –

How many stairs did you use to come here ?

What was the no. of the bus in which you have come to this place ?

How many buttons are there in your shirt ? and so on.

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