UP GK and Current Affairs Paper – 1

The General Knowledge related area of UP is very wide. The more you read, the more it expands. So it is very necessary for anybody who wants to improve his/her knowledge regarding UP. The state is very big as far as area and population is concerned.

The state is very historical with historical places and rich culture. There are some very old cities like Lucknow, Varanasi, Haridwar and some very modern also such as Noida. A lot of things keep happening in this state on regular basis. So it is very important to keep updated related with this state.

Read some important Questions related with UP GK and Current Affairs.

Learn Detailed UP GK from here.

Uttar Pradesh General Knowledge and Current Affairs Questions Paper – 1

Q. 1 Where did the Prime Minister Modi start the Programme called ” Ujawal Yojana” from ?

Q. 2. What does the scheme ” Ujawal Yojana” stand for ?

Q. 3. When was this scheme started ?

Q. 4. Which river shall be cleaned by the UP Govt in Varanasi ?

Q. 5. Where was the first UP Flow Women’s Awards Programme organized ?

Uttar Pradesh GK Practice Set – 1

Q. 6. Under which Act was the UP SEZ introduced in the state ?

Q. 7. On which Model is UP SEZ based ?

Q. 8. Where is the first Handicap University of the UP state situated ?

Q. 9. How many agricultural universities are there in UP ?

Q. 10. Where is Mahamaya Technical University situated ?

Answers – 1. Balia 2. Free LPG Connections to the BPL families 3. on May 1st 2016 4. Varuna River 5. Lucknow 6. Uttar Pradesh Special Economic Zone Act , 2002 7. Shanghai in China 8. Jagadguru Rambhdracharya Handicapped University at Chitrakoot 9. 8 Universities 10. Noida

We shall update the post with some more questions later. So please keep visiting for more and more questions on UP GK and current affairs. Your suggestions regarding UP GK are welcome through the Comments in the box.

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