States want change in no detention policy for students up to 8th class

Twenty Three states have come out demanding amendment in no detention police for the students up to 5th and 8th classes. They have supported this new policy of the central govt. Eight states are in fully agreement to scrap this not-detention policy for 8th class. The decision has been taken viewing the deteriorating condition of education in all schools in the country.

Students don’t take their studies seriously as they don’t have fear to be fail. In the same way, the teachers are careless in teaching them. So for higher education, the stuff is not good. They don’t have any quality and do not suit for any job or situation.

What was the No-detention Policy ?

The subject regarding no-detention policy was presented for consideration on 26th Oct 2015. The decision was taken to form sub-committee under the chairmanship of Education Minister of Rajasthan. As per this policy, the committee decided that the students who fall between 6 and 14 would have the compulsory right to education besides considering various other aspects of education.

HRD Minister reported that on 15th and 16th January 2018 there was the re-consideration on this policy by sub-committee. Some states like Karnataka, Goa, Maharashtra, AP and Telangana had defended to continue this policy while some other states like Haryana, Kerala, West Bengal strongly advised to change this rule under RTI Act 2009. However, there were some states which didn’t give any view on this matter.

Why is this policy no good ?

There was the strong demand of making some necessary changes in this policy. According to the educationists, this system had marred the education system of teaching and learning. Some parents also said that there was some need of some fear of pass or fail among the students only then they could understand the value of education. In addition of education standard, the moral standard was also declining.

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